Best Kayak for Dog – Top 8 Reviews

Best Kayak for Dog

No one has explained to me the draw of kayaking with dogs but believe me, it’s there!  Dogs just love kayaking!  So, if you are looking for a new boat for you and your furry best friend we are going to line them up and find the best ones out there. But we can’t just … Read more

Best Stand Up Fishing Kayak – Top 5 Reviews

Decades ago, many people would wonder precisely what fishing Kayak is, but recently, that has changed. In a way one would never have imagined, the popularity of fishing kayak is stunning, and each passing year, the demand keeps gaining momentum. Little wonder experts dubbed it a revolutionary item. Adding to its popularity is the results … Read more

Best Lightweight Kayak – Top 11 Reviews

Best Lightweight Kayak

There is no better way to get on the water than a kayak but all the best waters are hard to reach and no one wants to lug a heavy boat around.  Maybe it’s time to consider getting one of the best lightweight kayaks? There are so many great kayaks on the market from so … Read more

Best Float Tubes for Fishing – Top 10 Reviews


For most people, fishing float tubes are simply a cheap alternative for boats. However, this is not the case as float tubes offer angles an improved fishing experience. They are highly flexible and allow one to cast further and have high degrees of accuracy. Where to use The place you intend to fish will determine … Read more