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 Stand Up Fishing Kayak

Decades ago, many people would wonder precisely what fishing Kayak is, but recently, that has changed. In a way one would never have imagined, the popularity of fishing kayak is stunning, and each passing year, the demand keeps gaining momentum. Little wonder experts dubbed it a revolutionary item. Adding to its popularity is the results passionate anglers get from this tool. With it, they are confident that when they roam pools of water, it won’t be a fruitless undertaking.

But is that all we can get from fishing kayak? No! Below, I’ve compiled exotic benefit anglers would gain from the use. So ride with me as I unveil these incredible benefits.

Benefits of Fishing Kayaks

The following points are what you should expect from fishing kayaks.

They Are Economical.

Kayaks are cheaper to run and maintain compared to boats. Why? Kayaks do not demand a substantial investment, and for fuel costs, most of the kayaks in the market do not require one. Besides, their maintenance cost is ridiculously low. And finally, unlike boat owners who need a license to run, kayaks, powered by foot or pedal, does not require a permit.

They Guarantee Increased Access.

Just get to an area with a shoreline, launching your kayak and fishing on the go is possible. Additionally, as an angler, kayaks grant you the opportunity to fish either shallow waters or rocky water. That isn’t all; a kayak allows you to go fishing in areas with little fishing pressure like streams and backwaters.

They Are Stealthy

Kayaks are amazingly quiet. And you know what that means, you will be able to sneak up on fish, and more harvests can be guaranteed.

They Guarantee Better Angling.

For every angler, their ultimate dream is to go back home with a catch, an abundant one at that. Kayak allows anglers to stay at one point making huge catch even in areas boat anglers aren’t competent of making a single catch.

They can be customized

Every angler needs fishing equipment that can be called their own in a way that they can style it the way they want. And that’s the beauty of owning a kayak. You can purchase a kayak that will come pre-designed with the whole kit, and some will come only as a skeletal unit. Irrespective of the type you are investing in, the design on each kayak allows you to make desired adjustments. So you can add preferred storage units and accessories. The basic idea of this is to enable you to optimize your fishing experience each time you go fishing.

With these, you need no soothe-sayer to tell you how vital it is to own a kayak. I’m you want to consider investing in one, but hold on, below are a few things to consider before your purchase.

Essential Points worth Considering Before Purchase a Fishing Kayak

When Do You Wish to Undertake The Fishing Work?

But I understand how striking kayak features with your need can be challenging because you need to consider the different types of waters and select a kayak based on the water you desire to explore. So here is a guide that will lead you through.

Before you finally decide to make a purchase, one of the critical questions worth asking is verifying where you will be embarking on the fishing adventure, and the reason isn’t far-fetched, because finding the answer to that question allows you to authenticate the type of fishing kayak that will fit your environment.

A river that races will require a kayak that is less than 12ft because you will be able to maneuver well.

A river that moves so slow like ponds and lakes will need a kayak that is between 12 – 16ft. for smooth movement on the water. If you are fishing in the ocean, it will be fitting to get a skinny and long kayak that measures at least 16ft long. For easy paddling.

With this guide, you should be able to identify your fishing kayaks and settle for what you like. 

What is Your Experience Level?

One of the exciting features of the kayak is that it is designed to fit different types of anglers’ experience. There are kayaks made for professionals, kayaks made for a novice. Therefore identify our level and make your purchase. These should guide you:

  • New to a fishing kayak, go for a full kayak
  • You are a professional, pick a narrower fishing kayak

What Storage capacity do you want?

This aspect is incredibly important because you must have abundant space for your necessities. In some cases, varying types of boats come with different storage units. Some kayaks come with integrated storage; others come with external storage like milk crates and coolers. Consider these:

Now, for you to ascertain the right capacity, be sure of what you want to carry on your fishing adventure.

How do you desire to Propel Your Kayak?

Several methods can be used to navigate a kayak. A kayak can be propelled by using a paddle, a motor, a pedal, or a sail. Therefore, to make a proper selection, the decision is yours. Also, your finishing style must come into limelight when deciding the drive option from the kayak.

The Keel

If you are new to fishing, you might wonder what a keel is. Well, a Keel is a piece of plastic on kayaks that has a fin shape. It is fixed to a kayak’s hull. And the importance is to enhance speed and tracking.

Some kayaks come with retractable keels while others come with integrated keels. And, surprisingly, some might not even come with a keel. But these guide below will help you:

  • If you will be fishing in shallow or rocky water, purchase a kayak that has no keel.
  • If you fish in deep water, consider purchasing a kayak with a keel.

Ease of carrying about and storage capacity

Another important thing to look out for in making the choice of a Kayak for your fishing escapade is how portable it is and the ability to store things. Nobody likes being stressed while fishing. This therefore makes it necessary to get just the best. Lightweight Kayaks are a better option because they can easily be carried about but this is not the same for wide kayaks as they are a bit heavy and tasking. 

It is also advisable to get a fishing trailer for ease of movement with your car. This is to enable you put the Kayak in your car for fishing without stress. This is why choosing a Kayak that is not heavy is a better option. You should also know that kayaks designed to be put on top of a truck or car has greater weight than those designed to be sit-in kayaks.    

How to Stand up Fishing Kayak

Best Stand Up Fishing Kayak Reviews

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1. Brooklyn Kayak Company (BKC) UH-TK181

An amazing fishing tour is guaranteed with this Kayak, especially if you have a pal who’s tagging along. It is designed to suit two people comfortably with their gear, irrespective of their positions, whether sitting or standing. This Kayak is made to protect your belongings from getting wet, whilst letting splashes of water on the inside drain easily. The presence of many rod holders in it also makes your fishing experience worthwhile.

Unique features

  • Presence of seats for two people to sit and stand comfortably if they so choose
  • It is designed such that water splashes that get in are lost by means of holes incorporated in it. 
  • It ensures that your important items are kept dry always
  • Presence of different holders and handles for easy lifting
  • Best quality is assured
  • It is pattern like a camouflage 
  • Addition of more spaces and rests during paddling.

2. Pro Angler 14 Mirage 180

Another classic invention of the Hobie Brand, this is an extraordinary fishing kayak. It is the best choice for anglers, reason being its advanced performance and design. It is built to give you just the best while fishing. It has an inbuilt chair, specially made to suit individuals that don’t like standing for too long while fishing. Provisions are made on a balanced deck for such things as standing to get a view of fish banks, making your fishing stress free as you are comfortable both while sitting or standing on the Kayak.

If you’re into electronics and modern gadgets, this is the Kayak for you. Inside, there’s a H-rail for setting up your devices to enable you see the fish while waiting for them to take the bait. This way, your fishing experience is much more interesting as you have something to keep yourself busy while you pass time. You can also watch a clip on your tablet.

Unique features

  • Unique vibrant papaya yellow color makes it attractive
  • It is comfortable for any posture, either standing or sitting  
  • Extra security for valuables in the middle of the Kayak
  • Presence of interlocked horizontal rods numbering 6 
  • Has an H-rail for placing electronic gadgets

3. Lifetime 10 Foot Tandem Kayak

Here, we have another amazing stand-up kayak just for maximum fishing experience. It is designed to accommodate 3 adults at the same time, with a body that is almost impenetrable and does not wear or tear easily. Tandem fishing on this is similar to being in a tank built for the surface of the water.  

It might interest you to know as well that it is not heavy but is strong. These unique features make the Kayak great for your escapade as it ensures smooth sailing on the waters, making fishing interesting.   

Your comfort is assured in the Standing Tandem fishing kayak. It is designed with different rest positions for your foot to give you just the best while you sit or stand in it. Be it a fishing spree with friends or alone, your comfort and satisfaction is guaranteed as you alternate positions whenever.       

Unique features

  • Unique design and dark slate grey color often depict its strength       
  • Ability to accommodate about 3 individuals comfortably
  • Capable of withstanding wear and tear with improved strength and durability   
  • Presence of Ultraviolet body protective film, making it opposed to peel, crack and fading
  • Addition of two paddles and holders for them    
  • Backrest for extra comfort

4. Mirage Outback by Hobie

Hobie brand offers you another captivating stand-on fishing kayak for your optimum fishing experience. This is a Kayak with a hull similar to that of their former products but with increased comfort, balance and durability.   

This new product has some mouthwatering features of its own. You can install Lowrance sonar technologies in your kayak at any time. A reversible MirageDrive 180 for fast driving is also available for you. 

Unique features

  • Stylish design, almost fairytale like.
  • Can accommodate more than one person, a maximum of 3 people
  • Presence of interlocked storage pouches with rod holders and
  • Has a space for your cups for your drinks
  • Properly balanced with durable hull pattern   

5. Feel Free Lure 10 Fishing Kayak

This uniquely designed red and black camouflage Kayak is spectacular with inbuilt back support and fanciful seat. It is not just attractive; it is reviewed as one of the best for your fishing experience.  

It is a go to for most anglers because of its flexibility and ability to perform different functions. It is indeed one of the top standing fish kayaks with good reviews. Irrespective of your position, it is comfortable and at the same time secure. The paddle system is designed to offer comfort and ease while paddling at any position at all.  

It is smaller in size and compressible when compared to the other model from the same brand. This makes carrying it a lot easier. However, it is better for shorter trips instead.      

Unique features

  • Smaller in size and is a great choice for brief trips    
  • Specifically made for just one person
  • It is very comfortable for sitting and standing as well.    
  • Paddling is easier as it can be done in both positions   
  • Creative design with fancy red and black camouflage  
  • Not too expensive


Whether you are a pro or newbie in fishing, you deserve the best and safest stand-up kayak. The stand-up kayak undoubtedly makes your fishing experience a memorable one. We have highlighted some of the best stand up Fishing Kayak for your fishing and water sports experience.

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