Best Small Outboard Motors – Top 10 Reviews


Are you excited about hitting the waters and fishing from your boat? Fishing from your boat gets you closer to the waters. It also gets you at a better position to catch more fish as opposed to fishing from shore. Well, if you happen to have a small boat, kayak, pontoon or canoe, then it is time you power it up.

Getting an outboard motor to power your board is highly recommended for an enjoyable experience. It eliminates the need to paddle reserving your energy for fishing. You can never go wrong powering your boat with a small outboard motor.

Details on Small Outboard Motors

So, what exactly are small outboard motors? A small outboard motor is basically an internal combustion engine equipped with a propeller to propel boats. It is a propulsion system for boats with an engine, propeller, and gearbox. These motors provide propulsion and steering capabilities, helping you move your boat in the waters with ease. The design of the motors allows them to pivot over the mounting and control the direction of the thrust.

Outboard motors are pretty easy to use and control for a smooth ride in the waters. They are easy to tilt and elevate in the waters to avoid hitting rocks. The market is usually filled with a wide range of small outboard motors to match different user needs.

Benefits of Using

There are several benefits when using outboard motors as compared to paddling. These compact units offer users a safe, quiet, and efficient torque. Here are some of the benefits of using small outboard motors:

Most of the small outboard motors are powered by diesel making them energy efficient and reliable. They can help you save money as diesel is a lot cheaper compared to gasoline.

The unique design of these motors helps save on space on the boat. While they seem to appear bulky, the motors are usually outside the boat and do not occupy any boa space. This leaves you with a lot of interior space.

Outboard motors are quite easy to handle and operate. They allow for easy steering of the boat. These motors handle boats a lot easier when going forward or reverse.

The motors turn with easy even at the lowest speeds. They are easy to dock and maneuver at the lowest speeds. This is another advantage when fishing as you can move around without power.

Outboard motors are pretty easy to maintain compared to inboard motors. The fact that you can lift the entire engine out of the waters makes for easy maintenance.

These motors also allow for easy portability. The fact that they detach from the boat is a great feature that makes your boat lightweight and easy to transport.

Lastly, small outboard motors are quite affordable compared to inboard motors.


While the market is flooded with a wide range of small outboard motors, not all motors are made to the highest standards. In this section, we look at features that make a good outboard motor. Here are some crucial features that describe a quality small outboard motor:

High motor power:  You need a motor with excellent horsepower to match your needs in the waters. Some of the best small outboard motors have horsepower ranging from 4-6. High horsepower means easy cruising around the lake without any worries.

Solid construction: The best outboard motors must be solidly constructed using high-quality materials. Choose motors with sturdy aluminum or other metal construction for long-lasting use.

Low noise levels: This is a pretty obvious feature as most people hate loud noises when riding in the waters. Some of the latest outboard motors come with very low noise levels for a smooth ride.

The right shaft: The right shaft length greatly affects how the motor moves the boat around. For boats with a lower transom, shorter shafts are recommended. However, longer shafts tend to be a great choice for most fishing boats.

Fuel efficiency: Some of the best motors are quite efficient when it comes to fuel consumption.

The Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best small outboard motor is no easy task with a wide range of features to consider. A motor that works for your friend might not be the best choice for your boat. There are several things one must take into consideration before choosing a small outboard motor. Some of these things include:

Boat weight and size

This is a crucial factor that will affect the size and power rating of the motor to buy. A big and heavier boat requires a much stronger and powerful outboard motor. As a general rule, get a 5 horsepower motor for every ton. This is the minimum power you need to move a one-ton boat. If your boat is heavier beyond one ton, then you need a more powerful motor beyond 5 HP. However, stronger outboard motors are also heavier, which creates a portability problem.

Hull capacity

Not all outboard motors will safely mount on your boat’s transom. The boat should be strong enough to handle the weight of the motor. Most boat manufacturers usually specify the amount of weight the ransom can handle. Overloading your boat will cause too much tipping at the back, which is also dangerous.

Build quality

The best motor must feature a sturdy and durable construction to withstand harsh water elements. You need a solidly constructed outboard motor for long-lasting use. Outboard motors are made of different materials. Make sure you choose one with a solid construction and high-quality materials.

Shaft length

These outboard motors come with either a long or short shaft length. If you happen to have a lower boat, then choose a motor with a short shaft length. Higher boats, on the other hand, require longer shafts. The shaft length goes a low way in determining the motor cooling system and performance.

Motor power

Depending on your boat weight and size, make sure you choose a motor with enough length to offer easy propulsion. Most small boats can with a 4 to 6 HP, but bigger boats might require more power or two outboard motors.

Fuel efficiency

You also need to consider the fuel efficiency of these motors to get good value for your money. Two-stroke engines tend to consume more fuel compared to 4-stroke engines.

Best Small Outboard Motor Reviews

We now review the 6 best rated small outboard motors on the market. Our reviews narrow down your choices for small outboard motors to only six choices. Make sure you check them out below and carefully select one that best suits your needs.

1. LEADALLWAY 4HP Stroke Outboard Motor

The LEADALLWAY is our first choice small outboard motor to consider buying for your boat. It is a quality design motor with a built-in fuel and oil tank. You can easily add fuel and oil, and they will be mixed automatically at perfect ratios.  The tank features a scale helping check the tank fuel with easy. This is a powerful design outboard motor with fast speeds of up to 10-16 nautical miles per hour. It is a powerful 4HP outboard motor with a great design and construction. The motor is a perfect choice for a wide range of vessels with a transom plate height of 17.3 inches. This gives the ideal depth placement for different weather conditions.

 The motor is quite easy to use and start. It features the superior 4-stroke engine ignition system for easy starts. There is a further patented air-cooling system to allow for all-day fishing without overheating. Overall, this is a remarkable design outboard motor with 360-degree steering.


  • Full-body anti-corrosion protection
  • Air-cooling system to prevent overheating
  • Easy 360-degree steering rotation for easy riding
  • Easy start with 4-stroke engine


  • A bit loud

2. SEA DOG WATER SORTS 4-Stroke 4HP Outboard Motor

This is another suitable design outboard motor to consider buying this year. It is a premium quality motor made in Francisco USA to the highest quality standards. The motor ships pretty fast so that you can use it in time. This is a versatile design small outboard motor. It is a suitable choice for both fresh and salt waters. The motor engine is CE certified for confidence buying. It also comes with an ergonomic 360-degree rotary handle for easy steering. You can lock the handle at different positions when moving in a straight line. Overall, this is a durable and compact design outboard motor. It is pretty easy to store and carry to the water sites. The motor is also fuel efficient with an advanced combustion chamber.


  • Fuel efficient
  • Versatile and suitable for fresh and salt waters
  • Durable and compact structure
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • Poor manual instructions

3. LEADALLWAY T6.0HP 2 Stroke Water-Cooled Outboard Motors

This is another superior quality 2-stroke outboard motor with a sturdy and durable construction. It is a premium quality motor a superior engine construction. The motor engine is air-cooled for superior performances. You can use it for extended periods without running cold water to cool it down. The motor also features a prop exhaust outlet to reduce pollutants and high noise levels. Overall, this is an excellent choice outboard motor with a standard CDI ignition. It is pretty easy to start and use.

The motor features a durable cast-iron construction for long-lasting use. It also features a superior anti-corrosion outboard system to prevent corrosion and rust.


  • Anti-corrosion system for increased durability
  • Easy CDI ignition system
  • Prop exhaust outlet for low noise and pollutants
  • Improved engine performances


Not fuel efficient

4. TABODD Outboard Motor Boat Engine

This is another strong and powerful 2-stroke outboard motor. It is an excellent choice motor with a 3.5HP engine to get you through waters on your kayak or small boat with ease. The motor is pretty easy to use. It features a 360-degree steering rotation to allow for easy movement in the waters. The 360-degree steering rotation allows for easy reverse movements without engaging any gears.

Overall, this is a fuel saving outboard motor with superior performances. It also features an easy to pull off the engine cover and a push button latch for immediate access. The motor also comes with a tilt and lift feature for easy maneuvering in the waters.


  • Lift and tilt feature for easy operation in shallow waters
  • 360-degree steering rotation for easy direction change
  • Superior performances
  • Affordable price


  • Not very powerful for big boats

5. Sky 3.5 HP Superior Engine Water Outboard Motor

This is another simple design outboard motor with a sturdy construction. It is a premium quality outboard motor with superior performances. The motor features a powerful 3.5 engine which is ideal for small boats and kayaks. This is a durable and compact structure motor to buy with confidence. It can last for years giving value for money. The motor features an anti-corrosive system to prevent corrosion and rust. Overall, this is a lightweight design motor and one to carry and store with ease. The outboard motor is a perfect choice for sailboats, small yachts, inflatable boats, and fishing boats.


  • Air –cooled engine for extended use
  • Compact and durable structure
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Anti-corrosive system


  • Needs regular maintenance

6. Sky  2-Stroke 2.5HP Superior Engine Outboard Motor

It is a relatively cheap outboard motor with excellent features to consider buying with confidence. The motor features an air-cooled engine for extended use without heating. This is a 2-stroke single cylinder outboard motor to get you moving in water smoothly. It is a 2.5HP motor ideal for small fishing boats and inflatable boats. The motor features a durable and compact structure construction for long-lasting use. It is also pretty easy to store and carry.

Overall, this is an excellent choice outboard motor to buy without any regrets. It runs smoothly and quietly, making it a perfect choice for fishing. It is also suitable for both freshwater and salt waters.


  • Little noise
  • Suitable for freshwater and salt waters
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Durable and compact


  • Not powerful for big boats


Make sure you check them out and carefully choose one that best suits your needs. Our selections above bring you top-rated and proven outboard motors with excellent performances.  They are highly recommended for a smooth riding experience on your board.  Make sure you analyze each carefully and choose one right away with confidence.

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