Best Sit-In Kayaks – Top 5 Reviews

Best Sit In Kayaks

The choice of a suitable kayak can be a very tasking one, most especially if it’s your first time or you want to buy for someone. You are stuck between choosing the right one that is also safe and easy to use. You don’t want to stress yourself or the person you’re getting it for any stress while using it.

A few tips can assist you in your choice of the best kayak so you don’t have to get worked up. We put together a list of top sit-in kayaks based on their unique features, stability and support. Your aim of kayaking is to gain pleasure while riding and enjoy the water, not tussle with heavy boats that may throw you off. 

Types of Sit in Kayak

Recreational Kayaks

If you want to ride on calm waters, the best kayak for you is a recreational one. They are an excellent option especially for people who haven’t tried it before as it provides support and stability. It is often the top choice of fishermen, photographers and occasional paddlers on ponds, lakes and peaceful waters. It is not advisable to use them in windy or turmoil waters like in the sea.    

These recreational kayaks are built with portable storage compartments for short travels and bigger cockpits to enable you enter and go out easily. They are designed to provide stability with wide beams.

It is made using polyethylene material. They are usually about 10 to 12 feet long which affects their speed, making them slow. However, they are lightweight kayaks and can be lifted and carried about easily.

Short Touring or Light Touring Kayaks

A kayak for light tours is always advisable for beginners because it is multi-functional. These kayaks are longer than the regular kayaks and provision of more space for gear storage is made to suit your short trip or all-night camping experience. This day touring kayak can be used in both coastal waters and tides but more in tranquil conditions. The length of this kayak is about 12 feet to 16 feet, with hulls shaped to handle waves and strong waters.

Other unique features of this kayak include sealed bulkheads to cover your gear and prevent wetting. Some of these kayaks have skegs or rudders to enable you steers and turn without stress. The deck is built closely to enable the rider paddle effectively but may be restrictive to some people. They are manufactured using polyethylene and thermoformed composites.  

Sea or Ocean Kayak

Kayaks used on sea are structured specifically for the open ocean. They lie low in the ocean to reduce the negative outcome of strong winds. They are about 15 feet long with small openings for entrance and exit. These sea kayaks have many chambers and compartments to store your gear for longer trips.

The presence of rudder and skegs on the kayak make up for winds and waves. These kayaks are often fancier with features such as compass cases and pumps placed on the deck.  Previously, they were used as work boats in fishing and transportation of heavy goods in rough weather.   They are longer, stronger and more stable with ease of withstanding challenging weather conditions. The likelihood of tipping is less in this kayak and it rides a straight course.        

Sea kayaks are made from a wide variety of materials, ranging from plastics and fiberglass to Carbon Kevlar. A foamy core is often used to reinforce the kayak and strengthen its hull. The various materials used, although heavy can withstand any current and wind and can stand in turbulent seas.    

Now you have a wide range to choose from. You should not forget in a hurry, the most important part, which is having fun and enjoying the ride. Splashing water is always an exciting activity for everyone, irrespective of the age.     

Things to Put into Account before choosing your sit-in kayak

Choosing According To Purpose

Before choosing your kayak, the first thing you should put into consideration is how often you’ll use it and under what conditions you use it. Will it be used every day? Will it be used in the sea or river is some of the questions you need to ask yourself before making your choice. The purpose (private or public use e.g. racing) should also be considered.

Choosing According to the User

The person using the kayak (professional or amateur) will help you choose either to go for the one with a sturdier design that is slower to paddle or a light one that can be easily moved around and easy to paddle. The number of people the kayak can accommodate should also be considered.

Kayak Color

Another very crucial feature you should watch out for is the color of the kayak. The color of your kayak is very important when you find yourself in situations whereby you’ll need help, especially as a new kayaker. The best color to get is bright colors that can be easily seen from afar. If the color of your kayak is dark, it may be difficult for it to be easily found when you find yourself in such situations.

Kayak Weight

The kayak weight is also very important as this determines how it will be used. How do you intend to get the kayak in and out of water? How it will be transported every day to the point of use are some of the many questions you should ask.

Due to the presence of a spray deck, a sit-in kayak helps the user to be very dry. It also has space for more gear storage and a well-structured frame. The spray deck prevents the kayak from being flooded with water. It also has a compartment for sitting and a foot brace that helps the kayaker to control the movement of the boat smartly.

The walls of the kayak also help to prevent water from entering and help to keep the kayaker safe and dry.

Height and Weight of the User

Another essential thing to put into account is the height and weight of the user because it determines how long the kayak will be and the size of the cockpit. If the compartment is too small, it may not accommodate a tall and huge person. So, the height and weight of the user must be considered a long person should get a long kayak with a big cockpit opening and vice versa.

Best sit-in Kayak Reviews

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1. Lifetime Fisher Paddle backrests 10feet

The Lifetime paddle is designed such that it can accommodate a maximum of three people. It has a backrest with high padded seats for extra comfort. The body of the kayak is manufactured using polyethylene. Its storage capacity is a dry chamber for keeping your food, clothes and other property to avoid water touching them.

Provision is also made for the protection of your property such as shock cords and trays and does not spoil when water touches it. This kayak is balanced in that it enables the person riding it to stand comfortably while paddling as well fish in the kayak without stress. Inside is an underground hull for extra support and stability.

Standing, sitting on the seats or close to the saddle is possible and this does not affect the kayak or cause a tilting. The presence of rod holds numbering about four makes this good choice for your fishing trip. The Lifetime kayak is designed to be light in weight and weighs about 60 pounds. You can lift it easily using the handles in front and at the back, alone or with the help of someone. It has a volume of about 500 pounds. 


  • Can comfortably accommodate 3 people 
  • It has four rod holders for fishing
  • Designed to have an underground hull for optimal support and equilibrium  
  • It measures about 10 feet in length with a volume of 500 pounds   
  • When bought, the paddle is added    

2. Sun Dolphin Excursion

This is another suitable kayak for fishing. It is made using polyethylene and is built to be maneuvered and tracked without stress. It is recommended for your fishing trip as it has rod holds as well, numbering 3, a swivel and two smooth flush mounts.

The back of the seat is high for comfort and support while sitting. There is also the presence of foot pedals that can be adjusted in order to enable the kayak attain different heights. Its weight is 40 pounds and relatively 10 feet long.

The storage capacity of the Sun Dolphin excursion kayak is big with shock cords to store your property inside. It is lightweight as well and is designed to carry just one person, holding up to 250 pounds at once. It can also be carried alone or with assistance from another person. The presence of handles in front and at the rear, with an open deck makes for ease of movement and carriage. This kayak is guaranteed to be functional for about two years.  


  • Designed to accommodate just one person       
  • Presence of 3 rod holdeds, a swivel and flush mounts 
  • Presence of raised supportive backrests   
  • Has a length of 10 feet a capacity of 250 pounds 
  • A guarantee of 2 years

3. Sun Dolphin Aruba

The Sun Dolphin Aruba Kayak comes in various colors, red, blue and even green. It has a simple carrier for towing at the back of the kayak and this carrier serves as a backpack or extra storage. There are two fishing rod holders on the kayak. It also has storage shock cords for your belongings you want to access easily.

It has a length of about 12 feet and can be easily turned. It might also interest you to know that the Aruba kayak has foot pedals that can be adjusted to the height of the person driver for extra support. It weighs 47 pounds with a 395 pound volume and is built to accommodate just one person and his property. Thigh pads provide more comfort to the rider with removable handles for lifting.   


  • It is designed to sit just one person with two flush mounts 
  • Supportive backrest high enough to support the rider, with modifiable foot braces   
  • A simple carrier for extra storage.   
  • It has a length of 12 feet and a 395 pound capacity    
  • Presence of thigh saddle and removable handles 

4. Aqua Marina Betta Inflatable Kayak

This kayak is a great choice for fishing. It is an inflatable kayak with a wide variety of colors and is a go to kayak for recreational activities. This Aqua Marina Betta HM is quite different from the regular inflatable kayak you know. It is built using the popular Drop stitch method used for paddle boards.

This drop-stitch construction is stiff after inflation and is similar to the polyethylene kayak in performance. The presence of high back rests enables the rider paddle comfortably for as long as he wants and its wider storage area permits you to carry as much gear as you want like a Personal Flotation Device or a cooler. 

There are 5 different air compartments for unforeseen circumstances like a leak or a puncture in the kayak. It is constructed using Poly Vinyl Chloride material, making it resistant to abrasion and tear.   

This kayak is a full parcel with foot pumps for rapid inflation, two paddles made from aluminum and a mini travel bag. Exciting isn’t it. The Aqua Marina Betta has two detachable tracking fins and is my best choice for an affordable recreational kayak. 


  • A 340 pound volume
  • A length of about 12.5 feet
  • Flexible seats with extra padding that can be adjusted for the comfort of the rider   
  • Additional gear storage

5. Old Town Heron 9XT fishing kayak

Kayaks and canoes manufactured by Old Town are well known to be firm and trustworthy and the Heron 9XT is not different. This kayak is a major competitor in the market for most kayaks because of its amazing features coined into a well packaged and affordable boat.  

It is designed in such a way that it can withstand battering and is still quick enough to control waves, including a high class of rapids. The Heron 9XT is not only a top lake kayak; it is also the best kayak for rivers.

Weighing 39 pounds, it is lighter when compared to Aruba 10. Despite that, it offers a wide range of paddling in your adventure. Its tracking ability, maneuverability and stability is undisputed. Such light kayak is easy to carry about.   

Another unique feature of this kayak is the flexible seat, foot pedal and knee pad for the utmost satisfaction of the rider and enjoyment of the ride. The hard hull compartments keep your gear dry and safe. 


  • Usually a portable multi-functional sit in kayak for surfing, rivers or lakes   
  • Flexible seat with extra padding and a cup holder for comfort   
  • Enclosed hull compartments that provide stability and keep your gear dry       
  • Most Valuable kayak with unique features at an affordable price  


Some of the best sit in kayak which guarantees you the best value for your money has been reviewed. The choice is yours; consider their features and your specific needs to make an informed purchasing decision. I wish you a happy Kayaking!

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