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Every time you’ve been on the lake for fishing, how easy has it been? Fishing is one tricky sport; you just have to keep hoping to hit the right spot while on water. How will you feel if the technology is designed to make fishing easier? By easier, I mean helping you see the underwater clearly? Then let me introduce you to the Best Portable Fish Finders in the World. 

With the best ones, you can in a crystal-clear manner, see everything happening underwater. Just for your pleasure and convenience, we have churned out the best ones in the market, and the essential information that will ease your decision regarding this product. If you’re ready to explore, let start. 

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Buying Guide: Choosing Best Portable Fish Finder

Best Portable Fish Finders

Talking about the units of portable fish finders in the market, the list is limitless. This calls for understanding the essential features to look out for in each fish finder, and what makes them unique. So, follow along as we explore these features.

Product Type

For better understanding, we will break the available types of fish finder into three different groups; 

Portable GPS Fish Finder

It is the top choice for those who want to fish on oceans and large bodies of water. It does not only provide information about what happens underwater, but the fish finder with the help of the sonar will make it easier for you to get back to the ocean shore with the aid of the GPS. The good thing about these units is their ability to mark your location, making it easier for you to note the high points for fishing.

Standalone Fish Finders

This fish finder also features a sonar function which is similar to that of the GPS Portable Fish Finder, although it does not have GPS. This fish finder is relatively cheap, and still, it has delivered top-notch performance. Some unit of this fish finder allows you to add GPS if you want. Or you can get a fish finder GPS combo here

Modern World Fish Finder

These fish finders are designed for the modern world. These units are very expensive, and that is understandable as it comes with exceptional functions, some of which include its ability to use hotspot in sharing pictures online.


The transducer is another essential part of the fish finder. The transducer is important for detecting things going on under you. This is achieved by sending sound waves under the water. The cone angle influences the quality of your transducer.

You must focus on the beam width when searching for your next finder, with a large width; you have a clearer view of the underwater. The width of the transducer varies and may range from 9° to 60°. 


Another important thing to note is the power rating (Watt) of the finder. Fast and accurate reading can be achieved when your unit has more wattage. The wattage of the unit will also help it go deeper into the water and deliver an accurate result. 

We would advise you to go for units with high wattage. This is more important for those who are planning to fish either in deep water or saltwater. If on the other hand, you are going for shallow water, you may not need to worry about the power rating of your finder. 

Screen Size and Resolution

The resolution of either your phone or television is all recorded in pixels. The small rectangular dots that is located on your screen, which help in displaying your pictures are referred to as pixels. The combination of these small dots helps you get the screen resolution of your device. 

You get a clearer vision with a screen of 50 pixels compared to one of 5 pixels. Remember, the higher the number of pixels your device carries, the clearer the result. It is recommended that you go for a screen with nothing less than 160 horizontal pixels and 240 vertical pixels. Remember that should be the minimum you will go for; a higher resolution should be your goal if you want a clearer view. 

It is good to know that your pixel requirement will influence your screen size. You may be concerned about the portability of your unit and thus go for small screens, but ensure the screen you are selecting will be readable. With good screen size and resolution quality, getting a clear vision is easier. 


The first screen radars produced display only Black and White colors. And they are not that pixelated which makes it hard to see, especially in situations with a glare. But with improvement in the world’s technology, fish finders now start coming with colored screens.  This has made it easier for those fishing to see clear and detailed pictures, making reading all the easier. So, whether you are fishing in bright sunlight, or torrential downpours, the sonar will make it easier for you to get clear readings. 

Ease of Detachment

With the Best Portable Fish Finder, attaching it to your kayak, boat, or your fishing line should be easy. Getting in and leaving the water will become way easier if you buy a fish finder that can be attached and detached. If you are opting for a fish finder that attaches to your boat, you might want to explore units with lots of transducer lines. Setting up will become easier for you. 

If you want to secure your fish finder permanently, you might have to consider your boat type. In most cases, sensors are attached to the boat, which is where the screen is secured to. So, setting up and detaching becomes way easier. If you want to reduce stress, you can correspondingly detach just the screen and leave other wires for your next setup. 

What if your desired fish finder is specifically designed for casting? Ensure that it is detachable, and adjustable when on the line. For most fish finders for casting, there are ways of cleverly attaching them to your fishing setup. In most cases, they come in the act like, and come in the shape of fishing bobbers; hence lowering and raising the amount of line in connection with the quantity of fish at specific depths are possible. 

Wireless or Wired Connectivity

For most traditional units, you might be required to wire your fish finder directly into an electrical system for it to work. One good thing about these units is that they are not expensive. The bad part is the limitation they carry; you need to find a power source in your boat to plug them into. 

For wireless units, on the other hand, you need not plug them into any power source. This offers you more comfort, whether you are fishing in your kayak or from the ocean shore. They come with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth functionality, making it easier to upload the in-water pictures. 


Another thing to crave for is a lightweight fish finder. Since fish finders feature compact designs or construction, they are very handy and mobile. You can opt for a lightweight fish finder weighing 1 pound or lower than that. So, if you plan to enjoy fishing in your kayak, a lightweight fish finder is the best option. But if you will be fishing on large boats, you may not need to worry about the weight of the fish finder. You will probably have a mounting space for fish finder on the boat.


Using relatively high frequencies for your fish finder gives more detail to the screen. This can be attributed to the transfer of sonar sound waves under the water which is thereafter received on the transducer.

Water depth goes a long way to affect the frequency level to be used in the water you want to fish in. Fishing in shallow waters requires transducers with high frequencies, ranging from 192 to 200 kHz. In deeper waters, a lower transducer is best, ideally with a frequency of about 50 kHz.   


On a general note, there hasn’t really been a concordance between technology and water. This therefore emphasizes the need to go for a waterproof fish finder or one that is water resistant at the least. You can prevent your device from being submerged, but the splashes and rainfalls are somewhat unavoidable. Getting a fish finder requires making a reasonable investment. Set up a unit strong enough for wet conditions. This is to enable your unit last long.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Portable Fish Finders?

A: This can be said to be a sonar incorporated element capable of discovering what goes on under water. The portable fish finder is used to receive information as to where the fish are and this is shown on the screen. It does this by releasing sound waves under the water. This is not your regular fish detector that requires being connected to your boat with hardwire in order to be used. 

This fish finder is powered using rechargeable batteries, enabling them to be charged anywhere. They are designed to be simple and light for easy carriage and fitting into small areas or pockets, depending on the fishing conditions. 

Q: Which is better: A Castable or Portable Fish Finder?

A:  We can boldly say that presently, portable fish finders is the popular choice for customers but the castable fish finder on the other hand has consistently become popular too. Saying which is better is dependent on personal choice and valuation. Your preference comes to play, if you rather have a fish finder you can throw into the water that follows as you paddle; then you should go for a castable fish finder. But if you prefer having your unit nearby, the portable fish finder is the best choice for you.       

Q: How Do Fish Finders Work?

A: Just like the conventional fish finder, the portable fish finder is great for detecting what goes on under the water, but it is an advanced and better fish finder that does not require hardwiring to your boat.

It works by the use of sound waves, transmitted under the water like cones enabling you track the fish. The information received is sent back to your screen or smartphone as the case may be, telling you what is happening. With this information, you can decide on the best area to fish in.      

Q: Benefits of Portable Fish Finders

A:  You are set to have a tremendous fishing adventure with fish finders. Fish finders make fishing fun and easy, with a huge catch as well. The success in fishing is attributed to knowing what goes on under the water. If you go for a market survey to choose a fish finder, you’ll find out that portable fish finders have many advantages over other types.   

You should also know that portable fish finders are relatively cheaper than other fishing units, making it easily obtainable for anybody, even the average individual. Since it does not require any firm of installation, it is considered the most user friendly fish finder. It doesn’t need tools for operation, and your fishing experience will be faster. They are also flexible and move easily because of their compact size.      

You can throw them in your bag or pocket, carrying it anywhere you want to. It is a great choice for every fisherman who enjoys casting I’m different waters and possibly on different boats. Its transducer enables it to be cast off from the dock or boat into the water.  

Q: How do you power a Portable Fish Finder?

A:  Powering conventional fish finders is usually done by plugging directly to a power source but it is quite different for portable fish finders. For easy movement and compatibility, they have in built rechargeable or disposable battery packs in them. This has advantages and disadvantages as well. In the case of rechargeable batteries, they are environment-friendly and more affordable as you go on, but Disposable batteries on the other hand are good because you can fish for as long as you wish by just inserting new batteries in it.      

Q: Can you use a Portable Fish Finder for Ice Fishing?

A: The answer to this is affirmative. It’s always advisable to get a portable fish finder because of its flexibility. They are capable of bearing harsh icy conditions, making them a utility tool that can be anytime in the year. Optimum functioning of this unit is when you drill the hold, saving you time by acting even before you drill.

In a situation where you choose to make use of the unit before drilling a hole in the ice, you should clear the snow a bit to enable you to work on a smooth surface. You can also pour water on the ice to help with drilling. 

Best Portable Fish Finder Reviews

1. Garmin Striker 4 GPS

The Garmin striker fish finder is an amazing unit produced by a big company, the best in manufacturing GPS systems, simply the best obtainable. This particular fish finder has three sizes, making it easy for you to use it while fishing in a kayak or on the ocean and in any climatic condition. The Garmin is capable of going to a depth of about 1600 ft. for freshwater and 750 ft. in saltwater. This is as a result of a system referred to as a CHIRP system, continuously transmitting waves and frequencies to enable you see fish under you.   

Unique Features

  • Available in varying screen options, numbering about 3
  • Presence of a CHIRP sonar
  • Deep maximum depth

2. Deeper Smart Sonar Pro 

This is a portable and fish finder with inbuilt advanced abilities. It is compact and available in two distinct models; one connected using Bluetooth and the other through Wi-Fi. Whatever your choice is, be rest assured you’ll get a device that’ll provide you with all you need to know. Just connect it to your smartphone. You’ll be delighted at the amazing device you have with you, one of the best fish finders you can have.      

The Deeper Smart Sonar can be used for any place, boat, river, shore, bank, including float tube fishing. It can also be used in freshwater and saltwater as well. This fish finder with the most depth is one of the best portable depth fish finders available, ranging from 260 ft. and is capable of detecting things about 0.5 inches in size, meaning you can find out the location of any fish.           

Unique Features

  • Can be used continuously for 5.5 hours 
  • Has a strong application for smartphones 
  • Capable of being used for fishing in any condition     

3. ReelSonar Bluetooth Wireless Smart

Seeking to fish with a castable top-notch and high-quality fish finder, ReelSonar is the top option to explore. You have options of using the device on your fishing line, either as a remote fish finder, or bobber. No wonder many choose this over other castable devices.

The device makes use of Bluetooth which consume relatively low power, resulting in better battery life. With a single full charge, this fish finder, it can serve for more than ten hours. This Bluetooth powered fish finder can work accurately even when used in water as deep as 135 feet. What is more? You can cast as deep as 100 feet without losing connection with your device.

The ReelSonar application will display your information on your mobile device. Featured information will include trip-log time, the temperature of the water, location, environmental conditions, species and numbers of catch logged. What if you catch a fish, how would you know? The strike alarm will handle that.

Unique Features

  • Compatible with Google Watch and iWatch
  • Extended battery life of ten hours
  • Robust application for smartphone

4. VT-FF001 Venterior

With Venterior, you have everything needed to complete a successful fishing session. Every package contains transducers, neck-strap, bolts & nuts, side-scan adapter, and a 25 ft. Cable.

Where do you want to fish, saltwater or freshwater? This fish finder is right there with you. Amazingly, the device can go deep for as long as 328 feet. For ease of use, it features some unique functions and modes like backlight, fish alarm, sensitivity, and battery saver, which all comes in 5 adjustable settings.

The device comes with two years warranty, and this confirms the authenticity of this device. And when something seems strange, their customer service is around 24/7 to attend to your requests. 

Unique Features

  • Features a two years warranty
  • Contains all fishing package
  • Powered by a 4 AAA battery

5. Hawkeye FishTrax 1C Fish Finder

Here is another top option for those seeking easy to operate fish finders. The device features a 250 sonar beam which can help you clearly see what happens underwater. The glare-free backlight helps with the display of all essential information. The packages deliver every little thing you need for fishing.

The package contains sensor float, cable straps, side-scan adapter, transducer, and a 30 feet cable. You can make use of this device for a whopping 20-hour, thanks to the 4 AAA batteries it features. The device will still work well both in deep weeds and icy conditions. The size of this device makes it extremely handy.

Unique Features

  • Features a compact and handy design
  • Crystal clear display without glare
  • Features an incredible two years warranty


The Garmin Striker tops our list for its incredible scanning depth and wide range of screen size for your use.

Also, as regards to the best value for money, we chose the ReelSonar.

However, you can purchase any of the product reviewed as they represent the best in the market.

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