Best Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing – Top 7 Reviews


When out in the waters fishing, your eyes play a crucial role hence the need to protect them. Protection is not just from the direct rays of the sun but also the reflection of the waters. Sunglasses are very important in protecting your eyes when fishing. They keep out heavy winds which cause eyes to squint and the reflection to your eyes which greatly affects your vision.

However, not just any sunglass is best for fishing. You need polarized sunglasses which come with additional treatment to enhance your vision.

Why Choose Polarized Sunglasses For fishing

Polarized sunglasses for fishing are the best option for many reasons. First, these glasses feature a unique chemical coating that prevents glare and greatly enhances vision. These glasses are the preferred choice by professional anglers because they help see better in the waters and easily locate fish. They hugely cut glare and provide anglers with sharper images. If you tried fishing before, then you know vision is everything when there is intense sun coming off the waters.

Apart from cutting out glare and enhancing vision, polarized sunglasses also offer excellent UV protection. These glasses usually feature vertical transmission filters that only allow vertical light waves to pass through while blocking horizontal (reflected waves) from coming through. This is the main difference that sets polarized sunglasses from other regular sunglasses.

What is The Benefits of Polarized Lenses

Now that you fully understand how polarized sunglasses work, it is time you learn some of the benefits of these glasses. Why are polarized sunglasses so important for fishermen? Here are the main benefits of polarized lenses for fishing.

  • The lenses reduce eye strain: Eyes usually suffer from strain when anglers struggle to see through the water due to the glaring light. In normal circumstances, our eyes should see clearly without straining. However, that is not the case when we have reflected light off waters in the early morning. They are also the heavy winds which cause eyes to squint. This is where polarized sunglasses come in and help to reduce the glare and squint. By doing this, the eyes don’t strain a lot allowing anglers to fish for long without fatigue.
  • Block harmful UV rays: We usually use sunscreen lotion to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays. However, the same rays emitted from the sun can also cause damage to our eyes. Extended exposure to UV rays over the years usually leads to eye damage. Most eyes will usually suffer from cataracts and damage to the retina which can lead to loss of vision. When looking for the best polarized sunglasses for fishing, make sure you find those that block 100% harmful UV rays.
  • Improve vision in the waters: When glare is cut out, anglers can see more clearly through water and improve their fishing experience. The ability to see through water greatly enhances your fishing experience. Being able to see what is below the waters goes a long way in determining whether you will catch fish or not.
  • The lenses enhance your safety: these glasses will also improve your safety in the waters are you can see debris and obstacles in waters more clearly. This way, you can easily evade them and avoid unnecessary accidents.

On-Shore or Off-Shore Sunglasses

When choosing the most suitable polarized sunglasses, you first have to decide where you intend to go out fishing. These glasses are usually designed with colors to suit different fishing environments. Do you plan to engage in on-shore or off-shore fishing? In this section, we look at environment specific lenses for polarized fishing sunglasses.

On-Shore Fishing

On-shore fishing usually requires polarized sunglasses with a lighter lens because the light from the sun is not too intense. Lighter lenses usually give some contrast and provide more illumination as opposed to dark lenses. Some of the best color lenses for on-shore fishing include amber, brown and copper. However, amber stands out as the best for all fishing conditions. Green color lenses are also ideal for on-shore fishing and work best in freshwater lakes. Green lenses usually feature a copper/amber base and work best in stained to somewhat clear water.

Off-shore Fishing

Off-shore fishing requires darker polarized lenses due to the intense light reflection in the open sea. Heavy sunglasses with a darker color coating will offer anglers ample protection, eliminate glare and offer superior contrast. Light reflecting in Open Ocean waters is usually very intense in the early mornings hence the need for heavy and dark polarized sunglasses. Blue colored sunglasses are usually considered the best for offshore fishing. The glasses usually come with a gray base to block out the harsh direct rays of the sun

Which Lens Color and Material are best for Fishing?

The choice of lens color is usually a personal one determined by the area you fish. Some of the common lens colors are the suitable environment include:

Blue lens

These lenses are the best for offshore fishing and help block out the heavy UV rays.


These color lenses are best suited for low light conditions. They are ideal for early morning, evening or in cloudy weathers. The lenses allow in some light and provide illumination.


Yellow lens is the best when you need more contrast. These lenses are used by most anglers and help distinguish between a lake bottom and fish bed. They help spot irregularities in the waters which help in fishing.

Green lenses

Green colored lenses are best for freshwaters. Most green lenses usually feature a copper/amber base and work best in the clear to somewhat stained waters.


These are dark colors which work best in intense light conditions. They help reduce light transmission without distorting the natural colors of the waters. Grey and smoke colors are pretty versatile and offer all-aroundall-around usage beyond fishing.

When it comes to the best lens material, there are usually two choices. Fishing lenses are usually made of either NXT or polycarbonate materials. These two materials are durable and rugged to withstand harsh weather elements outdoors. However, polycarbonate is a little cheaper than NXT and a preferred choice by most anglers on a budget. NXT material, on the other hand, is expensive but very strong and virtually unbreakable. It is also incredibly lightweight making it the best when you’re willing to spend a little more on fishing sunglasses.

Glass vs. Plastic Lenses

Glasses lenses are usually the best and provide anglers with excellent optical clarity. However, they are expensive and tend to weigh more than plastic lenses. Plastic lenses are cheaper and lightweight making them ideal for all-day wearing. They are also resistant to impact and can withstand falls which is an important feature outdoors.

The choice between plastic and glass comes down to budget and where you fish. If you fish in marsh areas where you handle a lot of grass, then consider buying plastic lenses.

The Shoping Guide

When choosing polarized fishing sunglasses, one needs to take into consideration several aspects. This is the only way to choose a suitable fishing sunglass that will match your fishing conditions. Here are some basic considerations when picking a polarized fishing sunglass.

Lens material

You need to consider the lens material when choosing polarized sunglasses. The lens material of most fishing sunglasses is either NXT or polycarbonate. Both materials are suitable for the harsh fishing conditions. Polycarbonate material is scratch-proof, lightweight and highly affordable. The NXT material, on the other hand, is clearer, but a little heavier.


The color of the lens is very crucial when looking for environment specific fishing sunglasses. There are several colors to consider depending on the fishing conditions. Darker lenses are suitable for intense bright colors while bright color lenses are ideal for low light conditions.

Frame shape and style

You also need to consider the shape and style of the frame to find one that matches your style. Make sure you choose frames that fold easily and allow for easy storage after use. The frame should also offer a snug fit and prevent the sunglasses from falling.


The durability of the sunglasses is usually determined by the materials used to make the sunglasses. Nylon material is usually the best choice for most fishing sunglasses. It can withstand salty water conditions and heavy moisture outdoors. Nylon is also a low weight material that will not add more weight to your sunglasses.


Are the sunglasses capable of blocking out UVA and UVB rays? Make sure you choose sunglasses with excellent protection from the sun’s rays, wind, and debris.


Comfort level is another important feature to consider. The sunglasses must fit comfortably to allow for long use without fatigue. You don’t want to be taking off your sunglasses after every 45 minutes because they are uncomfortable.

Best polarized sunglasses for fishing

1. Costa Del Mar Fantail Sunglasses 

The Costa Del Mar is one of the leading polarized fishing sunglasses out there with excellent features for enhanced outdoor vision. It is a premium quality sunglass made in the USA to the highest standards. The glasses feature the highest quality 580 glass lenses. They are scratch-proof and offer 100 percent UV protection. These sunglasses offer the best polarizing efficiency providing anglers with superior clarity in the waters. They feature a blue colored mirror suitable for offshore and open waters. You can use them in bright full-sun situations.

You can never go wrong picking the Costa sunglasses as they are durable and long-lasting. They are injected with a bio-based nylon frame which is tough and durable. The frame also offers a firm grip keeping the sunglasses on even when your boat is at full speed. Overall, these sunglasses will 100 percent kill glare and reduce eye strain. They are hand-built and come with a lifetime warranty for worry-free buying.

2. Flying Fisherman Buchanan Polarized Sunglasses 

The Flying Fisherman polarized sunglasses are probably the most affordable pick on the list. It is cheap but comes with excellent features to match most high-end sunglasses. They are stylish sunglasses with extended temple pads and rubber nose pads. These offers these glasses all-day comfort. The construction of these sunglasses is lightweight and durable. They also feature the AcuTint lens coloring system to add color to the lens contrast without affecting nature colors. This way, the glasses enable fishermen to see more clearly.

They are pretty versatile sunglasses that will also offer 100 percent UVA and UVB rays protection. The glasses protect your eyes from harsh weather elements outdoors delivering a superior fishing experience. Overall, these glasses are a perfect choice for intense light conditions due to the smoke color. They are a great choice giving you full value for money. However, they don’t come with a protective case.

3. Strike King Polarized Okeechobee Sunglasses 

The Strike King polarized sunglasses is another premium quality choice with 11 layers of superior polarization technology. They are high-quality polarized sunglasses for fishing in the early morning when the sun is pretty intense. The sunglasses feature grey color lens to cut out glare and reduce eye strain drastically. They feature super hydrophobic and anti-reflective coating to block out reflected rays. The glasses are highly treated with a bi-gradient and make a great addition to the angler’s wears and gears. They help fishermen distinguish between fish and the underwater structure. The bi-gradient mirror treatment further enhances the extra protection of your eyes from the reflected rays.

Overall, these are excellent sunglasses to help you through the glares of waters. They are inexpensive allowing anglers to buy more than one pair. The glasses work great and don’t change the colors of what you see in the waters.

4. Wiley XP-17 Sunglasses, Polarized Smoke Green, Gloss Black – 

The Wiley XP sunglasses are another exciting choice with a sturdy frame construction and comfortable fit for all-day wear. They are pretty popular choice sunglasses for use when the sun is intense. The sunglasses block out 100 percent of the sun’s harmful rays or 400 nanometers. They are a great choice for keeping your eyes safe from damage. The glasses feature a sturdy and durable construction for long-lasting use. They are shatterproof and feature 8 layers filters of polarized lenses. These layers block out reflected rays off the water reducing glare. They help you see more clearly in the waters without straining.

You can wear them all day without any problems since they are lightweight and fit snugly. The glasses weight a mere 4.8 ounces and fold flat for easy storage. It is a great choice that comes with one of the best protective cases on the market. It also includes a cleaning cloth to help wipe any dirt, dust or water on the glasses.

5. Oakley Men’s Fives Squared OO9238 Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses 

The Oakley men’s fives squared sunglasses are a stylish choice that will not offer just protection but also look good on you. They are a leading brand of polarized sunglasses with a premium quality construction. The glasses are pretty lightweight and feature plastic lens and frame construction. The polycarbonate material used to make these sunglasses is pretty strong and lightweight. In most cases, you will barely notice they are on. They offer a snug fit without the hassle of screws. These are ANSI certified sunglasses capable of blocking out all harmful UV rays. They feature a unique squared, rectangular design to offer excellent clarity from all angles.

Overall, these are valuable sunglasses that will make your time outdoor fishing pretty enjoyable. They are also versatile and can be work to other outdoor sporting activities. You can never go wrong choosing the Oakley Men’s polarized sunglasses for all your fishing activities.

6. Flying Fisherman Maverick Polarized Sunglasses –

The Maverick Flying Fisherman polarized sunglasses are by far the best choice for most anglers with hundreds of reviews. They are affordable but high-quality sunglasses and a must-have for all anglers. The sunglasses are best-suited for all day fishing helping you see more clearly and reduce eye strain. These sunglasses are made of the highest quality materials for long-lasting use. They are tested for durability and will withstand the harsh weather elements outdoors. They feature a matte black frame and amber lens color for use in low light fishing conditions. The lenses are scratch and impact resistant and can withstand falls without damage.

You can order them without any worry as they also block up to 95 percent of the harmful UVA and UVB rays. The inclusion of the AcuTint helps add some color to the contrast without affecting the color of the images. This coupled with a one-year warranty makes the sunglasses a great choice for all outdoor enthusiasts.

7. KastKing Skidaway Polarized Sport Sunglasses for Men and Women 

The KastKing Sports Polarized sunglasses are our final best choice glasses for fishing. They are a top-quality pick with excellent features for enhanced vision in the waters. The glasses are impact resistant and offer excellent eye protection from flying objects. They are also offer 100 percent protection from UVA and UVB rays. The construction of the sunglasses is durable but very lightweight for extended use. You will barely notice them on making them ideal for all-day use. The sunglasses frame construction features the high quality and comfortable Grilamid for long-lasting use. These are very durable sunglasses with 1mm thick lenses. They work perfectly and enhance vision without any color distortion. The sunglasses will greatly reduce glare and allow fish without any eye strain.

Overall, these are quality sunglasses with smoke lenses ideal for bright sunlight. They also work well in the shade and medium light conditions making them a versatile pick. You can never go wrong trying the KastKing sunglasses. They come with 30 days money back guarantee for confidence buying.


These are the best polarized sunglasses to take with you on your fishing trip. Never let the glare of the sun affect your fishing when you can get one of these amazing sunglasses. Polarized fishing sunglasses are a must-have for all your fishing activities. They not only enhance your vision but protect your eyes from UV rays, objects, and wind. The sunglasses help reduce eye strain and offer an enjoyable fishing experience.

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