Best Kayak For Ocean – Top 5 Reviews

Kayak market is heavily saturated due to its rising popularity for sporting and recreational activities. Consequently, finding the best ocean kayak has become an arduous task. Specially designed kayak for seas and oceans are quite different from that of a regular kayak. 

To assist you in choosing the ideal kayak for your trip on the ocean, we have compiled a list of top ocean kayak to make your decision making much easier.  Your kayaking skills will vastly improve with the right choice of kayak and guarantee a remarkable experience on the ocean. Read on to discover amazing ocean kayaks!

Choosing an Ocean Kayak – Things to Note

You may be tempted to think that all kayaks are the same and you could simply use the one for the lake on the ocean. However, you may be at a great risk if you do so as ocean kayaks comes with special features.

Below are features you should look out for before buying a kayak for ocean expedition.


Generally, ocean kayaks are longer than recreational kayaks. The minimum length should be 11.5 feet, except it has been specially made for the ocean, like some on our review list. The importance of its length is to enhance stability in the ocean. It also adds to the ease of paddling your kayak, which is especially important when faced with ocean currents!


There are various widths available for an ocean kayak, choose anyone that suits you.

It’s advisable for beginners to choose a kayak with a wider width of about 35 inches as it guarantees better stability.

However, do not go for any ocean kayak with width less than 19.5 inches as it increases your risk of flipping into ocean.


Buying an ocean kayak with excellent tracking ability is a wise decision. You need an easy to control kayak which is why you need to read our review of top ocean kayak to discover the ones with good tracking ability.

Strength & Durability

Imagine navigating your through some tough ocean waves and your kayak begins to break apart. That’s going to be a tragedy. This is the reason why you need to choose a strong and durable kayak to guarantee your safety.

Low in the Ocean

You will be well served to choose an ocean kayak with a low center of gravity for maximum stability on the ocean waters.

This will make it quite difficult for oceans waves and current to blow your kayak off trail. It will also ensure your paddling in troubled waters is more effective and ultimately guarantee your safety.

Small cockpits

Compared to recreational and other kayaks, ocean kayaks cockpits are quite smaller. This is a deliberate design to prevent so much water from getting into the kayak, especially when faced with ocean waves.

Matches your purpose

The style of your kayak will vary based on your intended use.

For instance, if you plan to traverse the ocean with rapid currents, you will need a kayak with different features compared to another person traversing gentle ocean waters. 

Some kayakers love scuba dive alongside their kayaks, therefore, it’s imperative to check your features before embarking on your kayaking cruise. 


Q: How can I Kayak in the Ocean

A: The first instruction you should take note of is your safety. Therefore, ensure you are putting on a personal flotation device (PFD) regardless of your kayaking location.

If your plan is to cruise on the ocean you need to be very comfortable with your rig and possess a bit of previous ocean water experience. 

Also, endeavor to keep a safe distance in case there is a need to swim to shore. This ensures you your safety in the event of any mishap in the ocean.

Take note of your water condition before you head out.

For instance, you could suffer from hypothermia with a water temperature of below 32 Fahrenheit especially spending so much time in the water. Therefore, it’s important that you know the ocean water temperature.

You also need the requisite skills that will enable you to find your way through the large swells. A thorough understanding of the ocean currents and tide will also ensure safety during ocean kayaking. The ocean floor topography should also be studied as it could cause kayaks mishaps.

Paddling close to the shore, you could encounter rip currents which may cause your kayak to drift far from shore and in some cases cause your kayak to capsize.

Q: What are Ocean Kayaks?

A: As the name implies, they are kayaks designed for oceans and seas.

There is a striking difference between ocean kayak and recreational kayak and you shouldn’t use a recreational kayak in an ocean. The reason is that it lacks the length of an ocean kayak which adds to its stability in the ocean. It is also designed with a low center of gravity and excellent ocean water tracking. Lastly, their cockpit is quite smaller with the aim of keeping out ocean water.

Q: What is the ideal Kayak size For Ocean?

A: While making a decision on your sea kayak, it’s wise to consider the size. Ideally, your kayak should not be less than 11.5 feet long and you could even choose a kayak with length in excess of 15 feet. Also, the minimum width should be about 19.5 inches and could reach up to 35 inches for enhanced stability.

Top Ocean Kayak

Below are top five ocean kayaks reviews you should consider for your next trip to the sea.

Malibu Tandem Ocean Kayak

The Malibu ocean kayak tops our list as the best among other kayaks in the market. Malibu Tandem is a sit on top kayak style with two seats suitable for ride with a friend or solo kayaking. The seats can be removed and placed in the stern, bow, any desired place on the boat. This adds to its versatility as you can simply change your position based on the water condition of the place you are riding to.

There are foot wells in each seat position which adds to your comfort as you can seat anywhere in the boat. The capacity is another interesting feature to note about this boat as it ensures an easy fit for kids, pets, fishing gear, and other things you may want to take along with you.

Its handle is perfectly placed alongside skid plate, and gear straps, which prevents the boat from tripping over on rocky shores. Based on these features, you will realize that the Malibu is very durable, spacious, and safe for kayaking in the ocean. It is also the best multi-purpose ocean kayak in the market!

Unique Features

  • Large Internal storage
  • Stable and Safe
  • Flexible seat positions (2 seats)
  • Adaptable for different weather conditions
  • Comfort increases with its foot wells
  • Gear straps and carrying handles
  • Presence of skid plate

Lifetime 10 Foot Ocean Kayak

Lifetime kayak comes with two seats suitable for single use or with a lovely friend. It has a 500lb capacity which guarantees maximum room for lots of things on the boat.

This is a very practical kayak with a weight of just 60lb, which aids easy transport from water to shore and vice versa. The Lifetime 10 is designed for users to easily carry and transport through its molded front and rear.

Support and comfort on the boat seat is enhanced through its soft backrests, while the position of the seats which is a bit high prevents you from water splash. This is especially important for kayakers on ocean waves.

The design of the tunnel hull ensures high level of stability and tracking which makes this kayak very steady without risk of tipping over. The overall design of this kayak including its length, width, and weight is intended to enhance stability over agility and speed while at the ocean. Ideally, 1-3 foot waves can be easily navigated through by this kayak while more experienced kayakers can handle up to 6 feet or more wave.  

Unique Features

  • Splash-free seat
  • Comes with two double-sided paddles
  • Possess high level of stability
  • Molded carrying handles for front and rear
  • Soft backrests enables comfort and support
  • 5-year warranty

Sea Eagle Inflatable

The Sea Eagle SE 370 ranks top amongst the inflatable ocean kayak and offers the best value in the market. It features two seats which are inflatable and removable alongside two paddles. With a massive 650lb capacity making it the largest amongst our top ocean kayak reviews. The size makes it comfortable to accommodate two or three people with minimal fuss. The Sea Eagle is ideal for navigating class III whitewater difficulty without losing its stability.

Speed and tracking is enhanced with the two skegs on the bottom which also helps to protect the inflatable kayak from dangerous materials like rocks, pebbles, and shells.

With a light weight of 26 pounds, this kayak is easy to move and keep away after use. It takes about 15 minutes or less to inflate or deflate with the aid of preinstalled foot pump. This eliminates the need for car rack, or an extra hand to assist in lugging your kayak up the shore, or to the storage space. It is foldable and easy to carry anywhere ensuring you have a stress-free kayaking trip.

Unique Features

  • It includes a foot pump
  • It includes a carry bag
  • Inflatable for ease of storage and transport
  • Adjustable and removable seats
  • It comes with two paddles
  • Two skegs for tracking, speed, and protection
  • Lightweight

Frenzy One-Person Ocean Kayak

Frenzy ocean kayak is ideal for those who desire a compact kayak for surfing the ocean. With a modest length of 9 feet and weight of 43lb, it can fit in seamlessly in the trunk of a pick-up or car roof. It has a 325lb riding capacity with lots of room available for you and other items.

Its tri-Form hull technology ensures stability while kayak also keeps its stability on ocean water through a long center keel ensuring a straight line tracking even when it takes long strokes. The seat is quite comfortable and adjustable guaranteeing comfort regardless of the hours you spent paddling.

Unique Features

  • Dry hatch
  • Comfort-Plus adjustable seat
  • Compact design
  • Stern tank well
  • Tri-Form hull for tracking and stability

Perception Pescador Pilot Ocean Kayak

If you love fishing alongside your kayaking trip, then you will value the unique features of Perception Pescador. It features an easy to adjust captain’s chair enabling users to adjust to their perfect position for fishing or paddling. There is no need to worry about the safety of your equipment as it features a storage zone and secure attachment.

The Pescador Pilot has a similar design to other Perception kayaks with its design to ensure maximum impact, Ultra Violet, resistance to abrasion, and extreme durability. All these qualities make it ideal for on and off lugging of fishing gear. Added protection is ensured by the replaceable skid plate which comes handy when dragging your kayak loaded with gears to the water.

Unique Features

  • Adjustable captain’s chair
  • Designed especially for fishing
  • Replaceable skid plate
  • Secure storage zones and attachment
  • Maximum impact, ultraviolet, and abrasion resistance


The entire top ocean kayaks reviewed are amazing, but the Malibu Tandem Sit-On-Top Ocean Kayak stands out as the best overall for its versatility and durability. While, the Sea Eagle is the best budget ocean kayak in our review list.

Kayaking on the ocean can be so exciting and memorable. The salty air alone has its therapeutic benefits. However, ocean kayaking requires more skill compared to the regular kayaking expedition. With our top ocean kayak reviews you will use its features to make the right purchasing decision and enjoy your planned ocean kayaking.

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