Best Kayak for Camping – Top 5 Reviews

Best camping kayak

Imagine yourself on a sunny day in one of the best camping kayaks, surfing the water, away from the stress in the city. You have your kayak stuffed and ready for a wonderful cruise, with a rush of emotions and expectations as to how it’ll go and where your night long adventure might land you.   

Be rest assured that your cruise experience on the best camping kayak will open new dimensions to you, places you cannot reach with just a car. 

In the actualization of this memorable adventure, you are only limited by yourself, how long your body can carry, endurance, muscle capability, not forgetting the excitement in you. Embarking on a journey in a kayak is equated as one of the most exciting things to do, a thrilling experience, of which everyone has to do, probably once in his or her lifetime.

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Choosing a Camping Kayak 

The choice of a suitable kayak for your camping adventure isn’t a walkover, like picking a pair of socks, where anyone can go. It is more tasking than that. There are certain things to look out for before choosing the best camping kayak for you. Below are a number of salient points to note in your search for the right kayak.      

Are there provisions for paddling?

You may not necessarily be camping, it may just be a simple tour, but be it as it may, you should ensure that the kayak is suitable for you to paddle in whatever position, before you make the choice.    


Paddling on a river can be quite tasking thus the need for a good kayak to maneuver the water. This is because length of the river can influence the type of kayak to get. A short kayak is suitable for river paddling, especially narrow rivers. Longer and broader kayaks often slow when paddling than smaller ones, but this is not always applicable in river paddling because the driving force is more from the river. Broader kayaks give good stability and more storage space, making it the right choice for your camping adventure.        


 It is an entirely different ball game in coastal kayaking. The waters in coastal areas are rougher with high exposure to winds and air pressures. In this condition, the best types of kayak to go for are longer kayaks which can be used to travel long distances. They are characteristic of withstanding these conditions than smaller leisure kayaks.

It is even best if this kayak has rudder or skegs. This provides a small frame in the kayak for storage. Usually, kayaks used for travels have different hatches for additional storage in your tour. 

Rudder & Skegs

Rudder and skegs are placed in kayak mainly to enable the kayak go in a straightforward way in the water, especially in the rough windy conditions you are likely to encounter on the coast.  

Rudder – A rudder helps keep the kayak on its path and can be found resting on the kayak’s back. The rudder has an edge over the skeg in that it has a foot pedal control to enable you maneuver rough windy conditions. 

Skeg – The skeg is attached to the base of the kayak in order to keep the boat going in a straight way, just like the fins on a surfboard.    

Storage Space

A typical kayak storage capacity on board is made up of storage frames and an elastic strap to secure luggage. You may need to use of some of the gear you packed for your trip while paddling. This is why they are strapped in bungees on the deck to enable easy access.

You can as well put goods and luggage you don’t have need of immediately inside the hatch for proper storage until you’re ready to camp. Always bear in mind that storage of your belongings is best kept in the lowest part of your kayak, which makes it better to have more storage frames on your kayak than bungee compartments. 

How long will your camping experience last?

You can almost answer this easily without so much thought. However, it is still worthy of mention. The way you prepare for an overnight travel is not the same as packing for an adventure that may last a week. This goes to say that there will be an extra for everything; food, drinks, clothes and equipment and other property in case of an emergency.   

It is advisable to go for a bigger kayak if you feel your trip will be more than a day or two. This is to make more storage space for you and the additional stuff you’ll bring.      

Kayak Camping Tips to Keep in Mind

Pack light –When backpacking, one of the top concerns is that it must be light. The same principle applies to kayak camping; it must be light. Aside from the storage space that could be sometimes limited, if you forcefully load your kayaks to the maximum weight, it would fail to give optimum performance. 

Balance Your Load – I’m well convinced that you wouldn’t want to destabilize your kayak. As a result of that, it is imperative that when stashing load on your kayak, ensure that heavy items are stashed very low and they are close to the middle of the kayak. Doing this will save you from kayak tipping. 

More is better – Don’t prioritize packing your gears inside one big bag. Packing them in several bags is quite better. The benefits include letting you stay organized, and since kayaks have some oddly-shaped storage sections, small bags will be able to fit in those compartments. 

Use Dry Bags – Don’t be too comfortable in a sealed storage bag. Why? A few experiences have shown that the best-sealed hatches are liable to water penetration. Therefore, analyze water-sensitive items, then; keep them right in dry bags for maximum protection from water. 

Practice Packing – One other aspect of packing that should never escape you planning tips is the idea of practicing packing your kayak right before you leave your residence so you can be sure you have sufficient space for all your gears. 

Best Kayaks for Camping Reviews

There are several kayaks on the market today that those who intend to camp will have the option to pick from. Nevertheless, searches must be able to choose the one with the best features that will fit their exact needs. Well, you don’t have to go through that struggle, here are thoroughly researched Kayaks that comes with appealing features and are sure to meet your camping need. 

Riot Edge 14.5 LV


  • Thigh braces 
  • Deck bungees 
  • Convertible seat 
  • Deck perimeter lines
  • Rudder
  • Convertible footrests
  • Double storage design 

Ideal For: Weekend camping trips that are done alongside coastal waters. 

This particular kayak camping comes with storage space and is a touring kayak, thus for a weekend cruise, it is ideal for it. For efficient paddling and the ability to go long distances, credit goes to the sleek look. 

It comes with two distinct storage hatches. The back and front, back deck bungees allow you to store gears the best way possible. It is ideal for more extensive water rivers and coastal waters because it has over 14-foot hull. Also, the rudder lets you track and maneuver better even in rougher conditions. 

 Additionally, it has a nearly shallow hull. Therefore, you can be guaranteed of stability. There are essential values from The Edge 14.5, and it comes with some features, that generally, are kept for high-end kayaks.  

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 165


  • Perimeter deck lines
  • Small day hatch 
  • Rudder
  • Convertible padded thigh braces
  • Convertible foot braces
  • Two large storage hatches,
  • Completely Convertible seat
  • Deck bungees. 

Ideal For: Weekend or extensive camping expeditions along coastal waters.

Tsunami 165 is an ideal option if you are planning to go on a multi-day trip along coastal waters. It is highly efficient for paddling, and can smoothly track well through the water, in fact, in the presence of wind and waves. It comes with two more abundant storage hatches designed for stashing camping gears, alongside is a smaller day hatch and deck bungees that will afford you easy.

Tsunami also comes with two more massive storage and a smaller day hatch. For the enormous room, it is two, and the purpose is for stashing away camping gear, and the smaller day hatch deck bungees will provide you smooth access to equipment that will be needed for paddling. 

The Tsunami’s seat is one of the features that other kayak doesn’t have. The fantastic seat has contoured foam and mesh stretched. The uniqueness is that it gives adequate ventilation and offer maximum support and comfort for users. 

It comes designed with several adjustment points for easy customization which will fit in just right for anybody if the body is willing to spend a long time on the water. 

Although it should be noted that it’s a bit pricey than some other options, yet, it’s a comfortable option that presents you thrilling opportunities in new areas. 

Sun Dolphin Aruba 12 SS


  • Padded knee braces
  • Convertible backrest
  • Deck bungees
  • Water bottle holder
  • Storage hatch
  • Removable storage console
  • Convertible footrests. 

Ideal For: Any paddlers whose intent is to get value for money 

 Truthfully, this isn’t at the same level as the previously mentioned kayak. It offers captivating values even with your purse in mind. And ensuring that each ride is a complete thriller.

It has a little bit narrow storage space, and that means you are limited to single overnight trips, but if you can reasonably limit or cut down the items or gear you will be traveling with, you won’t have a problem taking the essential equipment. 

This kayak has a smallish front storage hatch and a highly removable storage console. And it is fixed behind the sea. 

 Fine, it might not be the best option to consider for traveling long distances, but it’s stable and has a nice width. For best results, it is often used on lakes and rivers. 

 Finally, on this, the low build quality isn’t a barrier to enjoying the fantastic offers that come with this. The price is something thrilling.

Perception Pescador Pro 12.0


  • Convertible camping seat
  • Deck bungees
  • Removable camping seat
  • Two large tank wells
  • Convertible footrests

Ideal For: Any paddlers that crave for value with less money. 

This kayak is perfect for those who search for flexibility as they fish. Although the kayak is marked and advertised as a fishing kayak, the back tank wells and the massive large front presents an ideal space for camping gears. What is only required when selecting is for you to pick the 12-foot model, and not the other 10-foot model. 

It is also pleasing to note that it is a sit on top kayak. And that knowledge makes it easier to either get on or off. You won’t be required to pump out any water that gets in manually because it is self-bailing. But it doesn’t come with any downside, and the downside isn’t a real issue. For example, you will be a little wet; therefore cruising or paddling in warmer water is the best. 

It has a removable seat that serves two purposes. Apart from the fishing experience, during a campfire at night, you will get a nice touch. It is also fairly extensive. Therefore, it can’t be recommended for longer distances, yet it is sturdy and durable. 

Well, there are two built-in rod holders; therefore, if you are a serious angler, the accessory track that this kayak has can be customized to meet up with any further need of yours. So even while you are capable, if you still want to get some bait, Pescado Pro is the ideal call. 

Wilderness Systems Pungo 140


  • Removable storage console
  • Thigh pads
  • Convertible simple foot braces
  • Completely adjustable seat
  • Duck bungees
  • Double storage hatches. 

Ideal For: Any Paddlers that desire to strike a balance between stability and performance during their weekend trips.

This kayak is famous and strikes a rigid balance between comfort, stability, and performance. Also, it is designed with double storage hatches and some additional spaces behind the seat made for stashing camping items. Further, it has fore and aft deck bungees with no extra space. Finally, it has a lot of areas for an enjoyable weekend cruise, but for a more extended excursion, it might not be the best deal. 

On calm days, you will enjoy coastal paddling. Also, it has an exotic seat which presents an exceptional level of comfort and adjustment. 

The Pungo 140 isn’t as efficient as the Edge 14.5 mentioned earlier, but it comes as a better pick over the edge because of its more extensive hill, and the offering of stability and roomier cockpit. Overall, this option is great for occasional coastal cruising – paddling. 


Selecting the best kayak for your company trip wouldn’t be a one-size fits all remedy because a kayak that’s primarily designed for flat water wouldn’t do well in handling rivers that flow rapidly. 

Thus, we hope this list would have given you a better look into what you’d have wasted resources researching for. Sure, choosing from this one will make an ideal pick for you. 

Conclusively, note too that Kayaks are excellent for packing up on a Friday after engaging oneself with work and then zoom off to your favorite one that gives you freedom from the city life and keeps exploring. 

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