Best Inflatable Fishing Kayak – Top 10 Reviews

Best Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Fishing from a kayak is an unforgettable experience.  There is nothing light the fight you get from a big fish in a small boat.  There is one problem though, fishing kayaks are often huge and hard to transport!  The answer has got to be finding the best inflatable fishing kayak possible.

The truth is, there aren’t that many great inflatable kayaks to begin with.  Even less of them are capable of being used for fishing.  If this is your goal, you need to consider your options carefully.  This way you end up with a product that is actually usable and not a heavy, oversized balloon.

There are a lot of points to consider but we have broken everything down.  From weight to rod holders and even safety issues like multiple chambers.  We examined every detail and laid it all out.  Those below are the ones we trust most!

Best Inflatable Fishing Kayaks

1. Sea Eagle FastTrack

Large equals stable and at a full 3 foot wide and over 12 foot long, the Sea Eagle is definitely stable.  This makes it a perfect platform for fishing or just about any other open water activity.  This is made even better by the ability to mount a small electric motor.

The construction of the FastTrack is impeccable with overlapped and electronically welded seams and aluminum reinforcements.  It may not be designed to handle white water but a little likely wouldn’t hurt it much.  Generally, this is a better option for large, still lakes and slower rivers.

This comes as a full kit with everything you need and some features that are far from standard.  One of these is the 360-degree swivel seat to make casting easier.  Deflated, it will pack down to a 25x18x18” pack and weighs around 45 pounds.  Not light but not so heavy as to be hard to pack around.

2. Advanced Elements StraitEdge Pro

There can be issues with tracking in an inflatable kayak but Advanced Elements has found a perfect way around that.  Their hybrid design is rigid, stable and a great setup for fishing.  This is easily one of the best, if not the best, that the market has to offer.

At 10 feet long and just over 3 feet wide, you have a large surface for a stable ride while still managing to track very well.  It paddles smoothly, not unlike a traditional hard frame model.  Most importantly, it is comfortable all day so you never have to leave the lake.

When it comes to the extras, Advanced Elements has packed them in.  It has a number of rod holders and two locking frames.  These allow you to add any equipment you may want from more rod holders to a fishfinder and GPS.  When you add in some of the best durability in the industry, this is almost a no-brainer.

3. Saturn Pro-Angler

While this technically qualifies as a kayak, it has more in common with a canoe or white water raft.  It is broad in the beam, about 3 feet, and 13 feet long.  This means it can hold a ton of weight, nearly 700 pounds to be exact.  This is a great option for sharing your adventures with your family or friends.

When it comes to features, there really aren’t any.  This is as basic as it gets but that isn’t a bad thing.  This means is simple to use and navigate while being much more robust.  You can take it out by yourself or with another person.  For kids, you could likely manage two extras.

With a price tag a little larger than you would expect for something so plain, there has to be a reason for that extra cost.  It comes in the form of durability.  Built to handle the harshest conditions, the Saturn will not let you down no matter where you take it.

4. Advanced Elements StraitEdge

Above we had the pro model of this single.  It ranks a little lower only because of its lack of features.  This does make it a little lighter but you sacrifice a lot for that weight.  Disregarding the upgraded model, this is a great choice!

If you can splurge to get the pro, you are much better off.  Though the construction is the same, the features are not.  You will lose one of the attachment points and some of the rod holders.  Otherwise, they are identical.

It does have the forward most accessory bar and comes with some rear rod holders.  It is a fine craft on its own and will save you some money.  You just have to decide if the tradeoffs are worth it to you.

5. Elkton Outdoors Cormorant

With enough space for two and enough rod holders for a small army of fishermen, the Cormorant is an all-around great choice.  It may only be 10 feet long but it is quite wide which makes it stable enough to take on any species of fish you are after.

The entire construction is a 1000D ripstop PVC with separate air chambers that can be configured and remove to make any repairs you need simple.  This is unlikely as this is one of the most robust and durable options you are likely to find.

As stated above, you get 6 total rod holders.  Two in the rear and two for each seat.  It also comes with the oar, pump, and a convenient carry bag.  Total weight is only 27 pounds which means it can be used by just a single person if that is more your style.

6. Sea Eagle Sport

While the FastTrack above is a dedicated fishing craft, the standard sport can be purchased with a fishing package that makes it a great option to get on the water with some significant cost savings.  It may not be quite as good but it will get the job done.

At a little over 12 feet long and not quite 3 feet wide, this is a slimmer option.  It is lighter as well at only 32 pounds.  It is stable if not quite as stable.  You are still unlikely to turn this kayak over any times soon.  Most of that is in the design.

The Sport is sold as a complete kit with a pump and storage bag.  It is whitewater rated up to class 3.  On top of this it comes with two forward mounted rod holders.  It may not be made for fishing but you can definitely manage to wrangle in some large fish with the Sea Eagle Sport.

7. Sevylor Rio

Right off the bat, it comes with two Berkley rod holders that are adjustable and work great for setting up trolling lines.  It has multiple air chambers which means even a single leak won’t send it to the bottom.  All around, it is very stable and secure.

The Rio has a very Canoe like shape but there is no doubt it is a kayak and quite a good one.  Designed for fishing, this 9 foot 9-inch inflatable is a great option for those on a budget.  It may lack any advanced features but it makes of for those with simplicity and durability.

This is a single person model but it can still hold up to 350 pounds.  Comes with its own carry bag and pressure gauge.  Total weight is just under 30 pounds making it a great choice for packing around.  Setup and inflation are very quick and easy.

8. Sevylor Colorado

The Rio is Sevylor’s single man and the Colorado is a little larger and suitable for two.  It isn’t much bigger, only a foot longer so the packed size stays very similar as does the weight at 41 pounds.  Despite this, the Colorado will hold 470 mounds.  That is well over a hundred pounds more than the Rio.

While it is designed for two people, if you wanted more space or just a higher capacity, the Colorado is easy enough to get around with one person.  If you do this, you will likely have issues reaching the forward most 2 of the 6 rod holders but you likely won’t need them anyway.

For extras, it has a decent bit of storage but it’s the ability to mount a trolling motor that really stands out. Most inflatable kayaks are not made with this design consideration.  It can make what is already a decent large water kayak even more capable.

9. Intex Excursion Pro

Intex has a large lineup of inflatables which have the main selling point of an amazing price. This doesn’t mean they are in any way bad though they make some of the features of better quality boats. They are quite thoughtfully designed, all things considered.

The Excursion pro is a 12.5-foot long kayak that is designed for two people but can work solo if needed. It is spacious with extra storage and comes with mountings for rod holders. It also has removable accessor points for fishfinders or whatever other equipment you may need.

Though normally anything inflatable has a little trouble in the water, the Excursion comes with removable skews to keep you on a better line.  This is a great feature but not the only one. It comes with everything you need to get on the water though you will need to add a second paddle for two people.

10. Sevylor Tahiti

With a final option from powerhouse Sevylor, we have their base model that only aims to get people on the water for as little cost as possible.  This does mean it isn’t quite as durable but if you stick to deeper waters, with a little care it can perform quite well.

There is a reason that this particular kayak is a fraction of the cost of any of the others.  Mostly that is the construction. The skin is comparatively thin.  It does use multiple air chambers and locking valves so it does hold up but you need to be careful or it will get punctured.

All of that said, this is far cheaper than any other model.  It still comes with rod holders and is reasonably comfortable.  You can easily spend a full day in this kayak and never feel the pressure.  It isn’t a bad choice if you are on a tight budget.


The year flies by and fishing season only lasts so long.  Right now, it is less than a month away!  If you plan on making the most of this season, there is no time to waste!  One of the great things about an inflatable is it takes the guesswork of transportation out of the equation.  Anyone can fit even the largest of these in a small car with no problem!  No one has to miss out this year.

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