Best Humminbird Fish Finder – Top 5 Reviews – 2023

Best Humminbird Fish Finders

Humminbird fish finders are one of the top three fish finders makers in the fishing industry. Humminbird comes with several featuresthat stand it out among the other fish finders in the market. Its featuresranges from simple to sophisticated ones all geared at ensuring users get greatvalue for their money. It is also focused on ensuring a smooth fishing experiencefor anglers.

The sonar ability is one of the things to look out for when choosing an hummingbird model to purchase. Read on as we explain other things to look out for and also share with you five of the best hummingbird fish finders in the market today.

Humminbird Fish Finder Features to Look Out For 


The part of the fish finder used for sending out soundwaves into the water to give you a clear impression of happenings under the water. The transducer is designed like aradio antenna that helps with emitting sound waves and receiving echoes in  return.

There are several features of the transducer that is very important; some of these feature sinclude cone angle, operating frequency, and installation type. You can mount the transducer in different spots where it will be more comfortable for you. Many often prefer mounting the transducer either on a transom, hull ofwatercraft,  or the trolling motor.


One of the crucial parts of your fish finder is the display. If your fish finder will work well, the display must be perfect. The display size, contrast, color, and details are all of utmost importance. They are the major factors that willdecide how efficient the returning sonar signal will be.

You should focuson the pixel of the display you are choosing. When you have more pixels, thepicture will be clear and smooth. This will make the reading of the happenings under water easier.

With a larger screen, you will find reading easier. Your choice matters, so pick one that is comfortable for you. One you can use with or without fishing sunglasses.


Fish finder soperate either on low or high kilohertz. Those operating on the low kilohertzoften fall between the range of 50 kHz, while the higher-end frequency  falls around 192-200 kHz.

Your choice will be inflicted mostly by your location. Each frequency you’ll pickhas an advantage in the location you will be fishing.

Water can absorb high frequency, so with your 50 kHz sonar scanner, you can have amore pronounced penetrating power. With such frequency, you will then have awider cone angle, and less definition, and the chances of having distortion increases.

If you will be fishing in shallow water, you should go for imaging sonar with highfrequency. High-frequency units are less powerful and do not penetrate deep into the water. They are fractionally affected by distortion and provide more precise images.

Cone Angle

The cone angle is the width of the beam when sent down to the bottom of your fishing boat. It is called the cone angle solely because of its shape. At the top, it is very narrow, and it widens gradually as it goes deeper into the water, andit gives the shape of a cone when wholly immersed.

It is often referred to as the transducer beam angle. With a wide-angle, you can have a clear picture of the underwater, a wide-field view for the sonar signals. Toget a full idea of how it works, you will need to have a clear understanding of math and physics.

With the simple version of the wide-angle, you can quickly get a clear view of awider field. Sensitivity is also reduced when you are fishing in deeper water.And this can result in distorting your results.

Portable vs. Fixed

Portable models are excellent; they are, in fact, the perfect alternatives to the expensive fish finders that requirefixing on your boat.

Beginners often make use of portable fish finders in their kayak when they go  fishing. For many who usually fish with kayak, the portable fish finder is dedicated to this course.

Fixed units, on the other hand, make it easier for you to mount them the way you want. You can also hide your wires easily by putting them under the floorboard.

When talking about stability, the fixed unit is the better option. It makes use of suction cups for sticking to the walls of the boat. Although at higher speed, they can easily fall into the water. When also talking about consistency, fixedunits are the best. Without tuning or altering the settings excessively, itwill work well compared to portable units.

GPS Integrated

When you are on the water, and you seem to have lost your way, GPS will do the workand bring you back to the dry land with ease. You can also make use of the mapping software attached to map out the coordinate of the water you will be fishing inside.

This also makes it easier for you to mark locations with a high density of fishes, making it easier for you to trace and fish there over and over again. This is indeed an excellent function. You’ll find this feature in most of the modern fish  finders. You will definitely need them, and it is convenient to use. You’ll find GPS in most combination unit devices, that means they can both chart plot and depth sound at the same time

Depth sounding is a function of the fish finder itself, while the chart plotter is designed to display your present location. When they are combined in one unit, you wouldn’t need to spend more money, and this will be easier to operate.

You can have more ease making your way into the water when you make use of unitswith GPS; it will make it easier to mark structures, launch ramps, and fish.You can quickly revisit locations you had a good time fishing and visit again.You will need to decide if you want this functionality in your fish finder, butit’s something to explore when fishing.


With a fish finder, there are two methods you can use for scanning; downscan and side scan. With a downscan, you can have a more unobstructed view and more details underwater. This will allow you to spot each fish or their structure ofthe move ment. Downscan is perfect, but for shallow water, it can become too powerful for the water. You start to experience blur that cannot be explainedwhen you use it in shallow water. You will also miss your activities when youuse this in shallow water, as it becomes too focused.

Side scan is another top option. Their scope is broad, and as such, they can scan a vast amount of water, the area they cover is magnanimously wide. Without moving yourboat about, you can still have a clear view of happening underneath you. Sadly,the results are not that good in deep water. Some units deliver sidescan and down scan. So, if you are having a hard time picking one, you can go for the combined unit.


Another factor to think about is the durability of the unit you are buying. Find fish finders that can withstand intense use, and survive wears and tears. You can not be certain how each fishing session will end, but with the right durable gear,you can be sure it will end well.

Ensure mounting of this gear is easy, and that it won’t break down easily. There are numerous features to think about when selecting your choice fish finder, but you need to ensure that they are all durable, and bound to work well under any condition.

Note: all products are Humminbird products.

Best Humminbird Fish Finder Reviews

1. 409820-1 Helix 7 Fish Finder

This is a highly affordable fish finder; it is also verypowerful and comes with beautiful features. The GPS function of this unit makesfishing easier. The fish finder has a windscreen size of 6:9. It features aglass bonded display and can efficiently display images with a resolution of480 x 800 pixels.

The resolution ofthis fish finder makes it easier for you to clearly see images of fish and know what’s happening underwater, whether in the day or at night.

You also don’tneed to spend hours mounting this unit; it can be done within few minutes. The GPS of this fish finder comes in a landscape mode. It also makes use of side imaging, and you can make use of larger parts of the screen for searching while the other part is designed for GPS.

This fish finder delivers value for money; it is designed to efficiently give you acrystal-clear view of the happening underwater, making every fishing session enjoyable.

Bad enough, thisfish finder lacks networking, which prevents it from sharing the GPS waypointswith other units. Unsurprisingly though, the design of the fish finders  only makes it affordable as a stand-alone unit. This fish finder is offered  at competitive prices and delivers the best image when under the sun. And with  its bright screen, fishing becomes enjoyable. However, this unit has a confusing menu  system, and when not carefully handled, the SD card covering can bemisplaced.

2. Helix 10 SI Sonar

This fish finder is known for its largescreen and carries several professional functions. It comes with a large menusetting, and the installed memory of this unit can last for as long as 8 hourswhile you’re mapping.

The fish finder comes with a unique AutoChart Live function. With this function, the creation of personalized contour maps live in the water is possible. This function is absolutely unique and delivers an accurate report via a map of the areas where you want to fish. The design is also top-notch.

The fish finder has a glass bonded display, and it is big, this adds to the premium and professional look of the device. The device has a massive 10 inches display with a large viewable area compared to other products of its caliber. This unitis affordable and comes with a rubbery feel keypad. The AutoChart live functionis a beauty, the gigantic screen size aids clear reading, and the device has asleek design overall. Sadly, the keys are not really responsive and mightrequire every user to really get used to the keypad rubber feel.

3. 410030-1 Helix 12 CHIRP SISonar

Many often describe this unit as the best one from Humminbird. It features professional functions like the AutoChart live function, down imaging, side imaging, GPStechnology, CHIRP sonar technology, amongst others.

You might have tospend a whole lot of time before understanding its  functionalities. The fish finder has a massive display size of 12.1 inches, and pixel resolution of 1280x 800, this gives you a clear view of the happenings underwater.

The display ofthis unit is glare-free. Even when under the bright sun, the image  result isstill very clear. Sadly, it has a weak depth capacity of just 45 meters. Yet, its functions make fishing a lot easier.

This fish finderis a little bit expensive, but it helps deliver just the function you’re  paying for, and have happy time fishing. This fish finder features widescreen and a high-resolution display. The features of this fish finder make it unique. Asstated  earlier, it is very expensive.

4. ICE-55 Six Color Flasher

This model of the fish finder is efficiently designed for ice anglers. When fishing on the ice, this is the best tool you can hold. Its high concentration function makes spotting fish easier. This also helps it get rid of dead water located underthe ice.

The fish finder features a 6-color fiber optic display that is very easy to operate and back lightning function, which makes fishing in the dark possible. The  extreme temperature LCD technology is another beautiful thing about this unit. You  canefficiently measure the depth of your boat with it, and see if there are fish under the water.

This fish finder comes with a carry case that has Velcro. This makes looking at the screen less stressful. The fish finder also features an ergonomically designed handle, making its handling way easier. It has a unique battery life which can last up to 10 hours at a stretch. Operating this fish finder is easy, and when you fish in the dark, the backlight will be of great help. It also features a lasting battery life. The cord storage is below expectations, making management tough. The readout of this device can sometimes be confusing and inconsistent.

5. ICE-35 Three Color Flasher

This portablefish finder is very easy to setup and use. It amazingly features more 6 colorfiber optics display and has a depth capability of 200 feet.

This fish finder is straightforward to use, whether in the light or dark. The digital read out also makes reading the results easier. It features an LCD and back lighting condition that helps you fish in the night.

You can also view the screen of this fish finder at different angles; it has a zoom feature that is so powerful that you have the feeling that you are playing with the fishes.

For long ice fishing, you can absolutely rely on this device. It has a lasting battery  love that stays active for several hours. The fish finder has a long battery life; it is also portable, and very easy to use. You may have a hard time reading the display  on a sunny day, and it can be noisy when used.


With all the necessary information at your disposal from this thorough humminbird review, we believe you will be able to make an informed purchasing decision.

The humminbirds have carved a niche for themselves withtheir excellent images of their targets and superior technology.

In this review, we chose the 409820-1 Helix 7 Fish Finder as the best hummingbird fish finder for its amazing features such as CHIRPsonar technology, GPS, down and side imaging. Select the product that meets your needs among these top 5 fish finders from humminbird.

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