Best Fishfinder GPS Combo – Top 5 Reviews

Best Fishfinder GPS Combo

You go fishing with the intent of getting a good catch and finding out the exact location of the fish. The introduction of advanced technology in fishing enables you catch plenty of fish and know where they are as well using the best fishfinder GPS combo. 

The Global Positioning System, otherwise referred to as GPS makes your fishing experience a simple one as you don’t need to make guesses. This combination fish finder is available at very affordable prices and assurance of efficiency. All you need to do is choose your preference, on the basis of its benefits, price and peculiar features.       

A GPS is a very essential tool for fishermen who major in deep water, as well as anglers in open water. It’s often quite difficult to get a great catch when you’re distant from familiar landmarks and the line of sight, thus it’s better if you can find your way to that preferred spot. Fishermen who are professional in commercial fishing know this just like every other person. This is why they ensure to invest wisely in getting good GPS equipment.   

They make use of the most recent technology in finding fish in the water to give them a successful catch and enhance their business. As you go on, you’ll see some features to look for in getting the best for you from the best fishfinder GPS combo reviews.

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What are some of the features of a Good GPS Fish Finder?

If you want to get a good GPS fish finder, you should look out for some distinct details to ensure quality.     

CHIRP/Side Scanner/Down Scanner

We may not necessarily get into all the little details in sonar technology but you should decide on the mode of operation of your fishfinder and how you want it to find fish. This can be done using Down imaging and Side imaging. These terms refer to the path the sonar waves will be transmitted.       

In Down imaging, your boat is monitored under your boat but in Side imaging, it is monitored to the side of your craft. You should always bear it in mind that different company’s term down and side imaging differently, making it a bit difficult for you know what they’re referring to. This should not bother you however. We’ll simplify it for you in the reviews.   

The sound navigation and ranging technology known as CHIRP gives a clear picture of what goes on around your vessel. You should consider these details if you intend embarking on deep sea fishing.   

Power, Display

The unit for measurement of Power is watts, with the symbol ‘W’. More power means more precise and clear readings, making the job of finding fish in deep water very easy. A fishfinder unit having limited power supply transmits poor signals, with low quality images as the end result. Ensure to go for the best option in terms of frequency options and power produced. The right fishfinder GPS combo can assist you in picking the appropriate unit, based on general characteristics. You should look out for image clarity, power and depth balance.   

Ij your search for a good fishfinder GPS combo, always remember that having the best frequency and power unit fish finder is meaningless if you can’t make use of it. Look at it as a computer. It is possible for you to have an efficient and powerful computing system but in the absence of a monitor with high quality for data as well, it doesn’t mean much anymore. This goes beyond doubt to say that spending more for a high quality screen is not a bad idea. 

In getting the screen, ensure to get one that’s big enough so you don’t have to stress yourself getting what you need. The combo units will provide all the information you need like fish data, GPS information and in dual frequency operations, it may require split screen. Here’s a little advice for you should get an affordable screen that is big with the best resolution.       

You’ll enjoy fishing more if it enables split-screen with a wide range of colors and markings helping you navigate to places while moving. Using a big screen assures you of having one of the best and most enjoyable experiences on water. The aspect of screen size is one to be decided by you, based on personal choice.

Fish finders often come in different sizes, ranging from 3 inches to 7 inches and your choice in this aspect is dependent on how much you should squint. In a situation where your vision is a bit impaired as you advance in age, you’re advised to go for a screen size of 7 inches. 


This is dependent on your planned fishing location and inland distance. You should find out as well the depth the fishfinder can easily track. The depth of the GPS may not necessarily be a pointer to quality, but it is important, considering where you want to fish and how you intend going about it.  

Benefits of Fish Finder GPS Combo

Portable and has the latest Features

This device is very portable. It is ideal for both small scale fishers and large scale fishers, even commercial fish-farmers can benefit from it. It is most suitable for anglers who do not have boats that are as large as that of commercial fish farmers. The more intriguing feature of this device is that it has all the newest developments that you will need for angling, all in a very portable set.

Create a Log of Ideal Locations and Data

After successfully circumnavigating across water surface and finding a fishing perfect location, you can save the location in order to be able to visit another time. As is common now, computer memory storage increases exponentially as size reduces. The Fish finder is not left out, as it now comes with larger memory sizes and even reduced size. So, regardless of where you go, your perfect fishing location(s) can be readily available to you.

A more fascinating fact is that even if you don’t return to that spot after a long time, you can still return to the exact spot you last fished, when you need to. Access to information such as depth of the water, the present condition of the water, and even the fish behavior, will be made available to you in just the push of one button.

Easy To Use

The device is easy to use and less stressful to carry around. You have all and everything you need to find fish in one small place. Due to its portability, the device is easy to carry about and not difficult to operate since it is all in one place. You don’t ever have to bother about charging multiple equipment, forgetting useful equipment, and the like.

Good View of What’s Happening under the Water

Underwater imaging has been referred to as “groundbreaking technology,” and this device now carries a very powerful underwater imaging. The device brings you the best view of what is happening inside the water, and also assist you in making the right decisions regarding the appropriate location for you to fish. With a perfect mix of the accurate imaging and pre-saved data, your fishing experience is certain to be great.

How to Use a GPS Fish Finder

Before setting sail for the sea with your new fishfinder GPS combo, ensure you can operate it. You can surf the web for useful tips on practical ways to use your fishfinder. You should keep the following in mind:  

  • Find out if your fishing will be done on deep or shallow waters. It gives you a guide to modifying your fishfinder.    
  • While using the fishfinder, ensure to zoom in and out to give you a better view of what you’re trying to see on the map    
  • White outlines on the screen signify river or stream.  
  • If you see dark contour lines, it means there is a big change in depth or drop off.    
  • Presence of blue marks shows the water is shallow in such places.   
  • Be observant to sudden contour line changes to identify where fish reproduce.   

In the end, ensure to put into consideration your reason for fishing. This is because different fish can be found in different spots, thereby affecting how your fishfinder is used.     

Best Fish Finder GPS Combo Reviews

You might be curious and want to discover the most perfect Fish Finding devices online, since you already know what the Fish Finder GPS Combo has to offer. Here are a few of our choices for available Fish Finder GPS Combo available for sale online.

Garmin Striker 4 with Transducer, 3.5” GPS Fish Finder

Garmin is widely renowned all over the world for their GPS system. They have also incorporated their high quality GPS system into the Striker 4. This gives the assurance that the Striker 4’s GPS system can be relied upon in locating the perfect fishing location.

The Striker 4 comes with a range of screen types and also comes with buttons. This is thoughtful and advantageous, since you are dealing with water and touchscreens don’t have good history with water. The Garmin Striker 4 comes with a CHIRP sonar technology which gives a more detailed sonar image of whatever is going on in the water. This CHIRP sonar technology gives you the ability to get the exact location of the fishes in the water.

Another technology called the waypoint map gives you the ability to navigate the water accurately. The waypoint map allows you to save any observed obstacles on the way and their exact locations to help you avoid them in the future. The Striker 4 also has depth capacity. It can go 1600-feet deep in fresh-water and 750-feet deep in salt water. This depth will allow you to know just how good a particular location is for fishing.

The Garmin Striker 4 has received largely good reviews on amazon and a majority thinks it is the best Fish Finder available for sale online. Most of the reviews were particularly delighted about the underwater imaging, and the image quality.


It is ideal for anglers who don’t have a large budget since it is quite affordable, the buttons make it easy to use and understand, its ability to go a very long 1400-feet underwater makes it the ideal fish finder out there.


Cannot be used without a 12-Volt battery source, surface look isn’t near perfect as its inside features.

Final Thought:

The Striker 4 is the best fish finder available right now, as it is budget-friendly, has the perfect GPS, and easy to use (buttons and not touchscreen). Even though this Garmin has a lot that meets the eye, it might be repulsive for anglers who think a 12-Volt battery source is too much.

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+

As its name implies, this fish finder can go deeper into the water than almost any other fish finder available. The Smart Sonar PRO+ makes use of your smartphone’s screen. This means that you don’t have to worry about extra screen, as all you need to do is connect it to your smartphone device. It is best suited or people with smaller boats, ice fishing, smaller boats and shore fishing. It brings the underwater environment to your phone screen.

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With the help of this Fish finder, you can make a real-time map of the area surrounding the water. This information will then be sent to your smartphone device with the aid of the Sonar. This connection operates like Wi-Fi, but you do not need an internet connection to make use of this device.

It offers an option of either narrow beam scanning or wide beam scanning. These options are ideal for shore anglers who are looking to know what is in the surrounding area from the shore, as it scans as deep as 260-feet. The Deeper Smart is also great for iced-water fishers, as it can operate at very cold environment of up to -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Online reviews have suggested that the Fish finder not be thrown too deep into shallow water as it can crash and break if it hits rocks or hard surface.


It Uses Wi-Fi connection thereby reducing the chances of losing connection, User can search for fish from the shore.


Won’t work without a smartphone device, might not be great for deep fishing.

Final Thought:

If you are the type that gets sick when on water, or doesn’t like boarding boats to fish, then this is the perfect Fish finding device for you. It allows you to search and locate fish from the shore. Since you are using your smartphone, you can store all your fishing data and location on your smartphone and not have to bother about an extra screen. However, this fish finding device is useless without a smartphone device and therefore not useful for people without smartphone devices.

Raymarine Dragonfly Pro CHIRP

The Raymarine Dragonfly Pro, with its four inches screen, suitable for all weather is a good unit for use in seeing the necessary things when the water becomes turbulent. This fishfinder made with high definition LED backlit display gives you top notch view when it’s required. You can download the Raymarine mobile application on your smartphone to monitor the sonar data.     

This fishfinder is designed to allow ease and flexibility when mounting. It has buttons specifically made to operate easily and in a straightforward manner, yet giving you useful information.       

The 600 foot depth which is the highest limit with the Raymarine CHIRP give the user clear and accurate images of the ongoings below your boat.     


Has the unique CHIRP Down Vision and can attain a 600-Foot Depth as maximum limit. It also has four inch Screen suitable for all weather and can be mounted easily using the ball and socket design.


It takes a long time to start and has no backlit buttons     

Final Thought:

This fishfinder display, known to withstand all weather conditions is the best option for people who may fish in unconformable conditions. It’s very easy to mount this unit using the ball and socket design mount. User is provided with all forms of vision using the CHIRP down vision.

The major disadvantage of this unit is that the presence of small screen with few inches and absence of buttons capable of being illuminated behind. This poses a major challenge to fishers when out on the water at sunset.            

Humminbird 410210-1 Helix 5 Chirp GPS G2

This fishfinder comes in a five inch, bright colored, wide viewing display area to give you clear views and visibility as to how to track the fish of your choice. You don’t need to stress yourself anymore looking for fish with this CHIRP technology; you’ll know their exact location now.     

The Humminbird GPS fish finder has the capability of hunting fish in waters as deep as 1500 feet; together with its Smartstrike which gives you access into your axis with immediate feedback results.    

This GPS fishfinder can be mounted in gimbal but you can choose to go for in-dash mounts. The Helix 5 is reviewed as the best unit for your collection, and operating is just as easy. In another fishfinder GPS combo review, it is said that its down-imaging is flawless, providing you with an excellent view of everything that happens under your boat.          


It has a display screen measuring five-Inches with flawless Down-Imaging. It also incorporates SmartStrike Technology and makes use of Gimbal mounting or In-Dash Mounts.


It doesn’t have screen cover neither does it have a portable carrier.      

Final Thought:

Generally, the Humminbird Helix 5 gives you quality at its peak in down-imaging and good visibility on the ongoings below you. The five-inch screen enables you see a wide area of the map. A portable carrier isn’t included in this unit, but it’s still a great choice.      

Simrad GO7 XSE

If you’re looking for a fishfinder GPS combo that screams awesome, then you need to check out the Simrad GO7. A massive display screen of seven inches with colored, multi-touch display which provides a good view of the best fishing spot just for you.     

All you have to do is tap on the screen to select mapped routes and zoom in on that area. This shows you what’s happening around you as well as what lies ahead of you. The fishfinder can be adjusted based on preference, to suit you and enable you to maximize its features.       . 

It has a sonar system that uses CHIRP technology to operate, giving you quality landscape view, with other features such as Bluetooth and WiFi. These features make it easy for you to upload necessary information easily and securely.  Installation is done on bracket mount display format, with a backlit LED wide-screen for viewing when the sun is out and shining on the fishfinder.     


It has a CHIRP Sonar technology, Multi-Touch display, Huge Backlit LED screen, and extra features like WiFi and Bluetooth.


Updating it can be quite slow when you increase your speed or slow down     

Final Thought:

This Simrad unit is the best option for a fisherman who desires everything. It provides a wide range of visibility of the area around you with its seven inch screen and utilizes CHIRP Sonar technology as an added advantage. In another review, it is said to be a bit slow when updating data and speeding up or slowing down. This however is not applicable to all fish finders.    


Just like any other product, you should be attentive to the unique features of what you’re about to purchase at the price being delivered for. A good investment for fishfinder GPS combo is ranging from $500 to about $1500. Technology has made a positive impact on these combo units over the years when compared to equipment used previously. It is possible to get quality equipment with good charting, scanning, 3D mapping and navigation at affordable prices. You don’t need to spend more money, except you really want a top notch unit.      

Like we said earlier, try to get a fish finder with split screen ability to guarantee an interesting experience. Multi-screens give accurate locations. Be attentive to the clarity, size and power output of the GPS combo unit in watts. Go for GPS combo units that can be upgraded without much stress, both hardware and software.      . 

If you are keen about maps and charts then we advise you choose the Raymarine, and you can go for the Humminbird if you are interested in viewing and screen size. For Garmin, it is ideal if you desire a best Fishfinder GPS combo with basic operations and stress-free use.

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