Best Fish Finders Under $200 – Top 10 Reviews

Best Fish Finders Under 200

If you’ve been in the angling business for quite a long time, you wouldn’t deny that when an angler can lay his hand on one of the top fish finders, the angler’s fish trip will be highly productive and awesome.

Beyond agreeing that having a quality fish finder lies the difficulty encountered when trying to sort out exactly which of the fish finders will serve you better. More to it, since more anglers are always on a budget, acquiring the best one that will fall under $200 is an added challenge. 

Nevertheless, there is reduced stress and enhanced accuracy in getting a good fish finder that falls in that category when an expert does the work for you.  And that’s what we are reaching out to accomplish. This article is designed to assist you in getting a comprehensive look at fish finders that perform at their optimum, and fully functional, yet budget friendly.  Undeniably, you will find reading these options pleasant and admiring. You will be glad to read all the device reviewed and then make your decision, yes, an informed decision.

Why Buy a Fish Finder?

For an angler’s kit to be fully equipped, it must include a fish finder. Either you are a beginner or an expert; you can’t throw off the importance of owning a fish finder, as it will help you to get hot spots where you can have a big catch. 

There’s more to that, with this fantastic tool, an angler can target particular fish species, identifying precisely the structure under the water and understanding the varying paths that exist. 

Although you may have heard many traditional anglers say that using one’s naked eye to search for fish will bring in fun, unknown to them, there’s more fun when you can spend less time on water, return home with your desired catch and the number of fish you needed. And that exactly is what a fish finder will offer.

Even though using a fish finder must not be seen as a way manufacturers enforce their product on anglers. It’s a matter of your preference. If you prefer guesswork and wants to waste much time on the water, then you can decide to be cool with your traditional kits, but if you want the thrill that springs from catching fish in abundance and being able to spend a few minutes on water, then you’d have no choice than to go for one of the best devices. 

How to Hand Pick the Best Fish Finder?

The effort to choose the best fish finder is daunting. Regardless of its technicality, you will be glad to note that there are factors that aid in measuring the quality of some decisions. They include GPS, display, convenient use, scanning capabilities, and other factors. Quickly, let’s get a simple understanding of each element and how a good particular device should look like. 

Display and Convenience

One of the key components that makes a device to be called a quality fish finder is that it must have incredible ability of peering into the data gathered by the sonar. If an angler has to strain his eyes to read a fish finder screen, then apparently, there are high chances that he or she isn’t investing in quality. 

Therefore, an angler seeking a fish finder must prioritize on a large screen that will make ease of reading data on the screen possible. With a decent and efficient screen, you will get a clear picture of the data you’ve gathered. Then, regardless of an angler’s level of experience, it must not be challenging to operate. 


In a fish finder, a transducer is a feature that transfers and receives sonar signal. Thus, a fish finder must be used alongside a compatible sensor.  Typically, it is nice that if you are operating in shallow waters, then invest in a transducer that will send sound waves at wide angles, on the other hand, deep sea fishing will work best with a narrow-angle. 


In every fish finder, there are two categories of scanning options opened to buyers. Anglers are opened to both side scan and down scan. For down scan, a fish finder will be able to utilize it in smaller water bodies since they are strong and sturdy, thus focusing on smaller areas will give them higher chances of selecting a fish.

Also, the product is made because Downscan will go underneath the boat and display any reading that is done. For Side scan, fish finders can scan bigger bodies of water, but sadly, they aren’t highly functional in deeper water. 

It is common today to find out that some fish finders are capable of multiple scanning. And with this latest development, many anglers no longer invest in just one fish finder that has single scanning capabilities, but fish finders that have multiple scanning potentials. 


With the advancement in technology, GPS adds on is an incredible feature a top rated fish finder should have. The function of a fish finder is to gather data from previous fishing journeys they’ve made so that information will be utilized for a future adventure. 

A GPS made with a fish finder must not be bulky; rather it must be handy, making ease of use possible. Also, it must be designed with options to insert SD slots on your device so that spending time to map each time will be limited and reduced over time. 

Best Fish Finders That Angler Can Find Under $200

Regardless of how tricky and daunting getting the ideal fish finders for angler under $200 could be, we want to relieve you off the burden. That doesn’t mean you aren’t going to be engaged at all. 

We’ve compiled a detailed and trustworthy list of the top fish finders in the market today. We’ve done the more extensive work, what  you need to do is to read the devices reviewed carefully and from their pick the one that best fits your needs. One thing for sure is that these reviews cover from essential to great features that an angler needs. 

Garmin Striker 4

First, on our list, the Garmin Striker 4 is designed in three distinct versions. For example, anglers can choose the 3.5-inch version; pick the 5-inch version, or the 7-inch version. In sharp contrast to other versions of fish finders that you might have, none of the three versions has provoking glare on summer days. And why? It comes with a standard HVGA color display. 

Impressively, this device has other intersting features. Take, for instance, it has CHIRP technology which is a powerful, yet functional add on. The task it accomplishes is letting a user see clear images and assists them to spot fish easier. Also, it comes with a waypoint map that can help an angler navigate or move freely on water and give the angler the incredible opportunity to mark up to 5000 waypoints and adopt the GPS. Thus, if you want to maximize time spent on fishing, this is an ideal tool. 

Also, with CHIRP, anglers are not going to encounter the trouble of seeing schools of fish as a single fish, instead they will see schools of fish to be schools of fish, and on the other hand, single fish will be regarded as single fish – no confusion. Two conical beams can be utilized for fishing in either medium-sized depth water or in deep water. It has the capability of reaching a depth of 1600 ft. in freshwater and can go even higher, up to 750ft in saltwater. And yet, it is only being powered with a transducer. 


  • Easy Installation and use 
  • Ease of Data Reading 
  • It’s Waterproof 
  • It has CHIRP 2D Sonar 
  • It Saves up to 5000 Waypoints
  • It gives numerous Sonar Features 


  • A 50 kHz isn’t installed with it. 
  • There’s no Bluetooth option 
  • It Relies on Connection from a power supply. 

Final Thought

Honestly, though, this device is a small and trustworthy fish finder. Additional features like the CHIRP is an incredible feature that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. And the reason is that it provides simple, flawless, and accurate reading of the display on the screen. If you own small boats, and kayaks, you would love that idea that it saves you time by offering 5000-way points. Thus, you can find and see that great spot they visited some time ago. 

Lowrance HOOK2 4X

Next on the list is the Lowrance Hook 2 4X. The use is simple, straightforward and offers an excellent four-inch screen. The primary reason why it’s built for speed, and this smart technology limits the time spent on settings which will mess up with your time on the water. Like modern smartphones, the brightness setting is automatically adjusted based on the condition outside. 

In similarity to the previously reviewed device, this device also adopts CHIRP technology, a standard for any fish finders today. The uses aren’t limited to sending numerous frequencies to different levels which will end up giving a more detailed underwater picture. Also, this device provides an accurate GPS plotter that will be used to search for old fishing spots. 

This fish finder also adopts a side-scan beam. That essentially means that one will be able to find fish that are inside large bodies of water. Nevertheless, it can also paint detailed information regarding fish that are below you directly. 


  • 2D Imaging
  • Comes with a Backlit For Convenience at night 
  • It has CHIRP Sonar
  • It can go the length of 500ft
  • Easy Installation on Boat
  • It has GPS Plotter 
  • It has a Side-scan Beam 


  • Limited to only one screen size 
  • Frequency Setting cannot be altered. 
  • It has only one single beam sonar. 

Final Thought 

Do you want to have a pleasant weekend angling? This is the right gadget for you. And for any angler who is ready to be serious with a thriving business or hobby, this is a dream come true. Amazingly, this makes an incredible kit for your fishing adventure. To be a complete one, this device, coupled with its amazing features, with a push of a button, you are just a few meters away from enjoying your angling. 

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro

Unlike the fish finders that have gained our mention, this particular Deeper Smarter Sonar Pro is a bit unique. How? It’s a Castable sonar ball that can be fixed to your fishing line. And that suggests that the primary device can cast with your bait. The device functions well with double scan technology. Thus it makes it useful for all forms of fishing either they are meant for ice or boat fishing. 

The device also adopts the use of Wi-Fi, which relies on a stable, hard to disrupt connection. With incorporated GPS technology, users can gather data in real-time accurately. Thus, it is easier to adopt this data by choosing one’s smartphone or tablet, as the case may be to bring about a smooth experience. So, all you need to do to include the feature in this setting is to download the app from the play store or your respective app store, and then after installation, the app will display data on your phone’s screen. 

Another incredible thing about this is the ability to attach this fish finder to your fishing rod or the bait you are making use of. It comes with a rechargeable battery which with a full single charge, it can last five hours of usage, either in saltwater or freshwater. 


  • Receives data in hard to read location 
  • Scans Water 
  • Collects Data in Water 
  • Dual Scan Sonar 
  • Easy to read data using an app on your smart device 
  • Bridges and Under Logs 
  • Uses WiFi 


  • Dual Scan Needs Regular Updates 
  • Limited WiFi Range of 100 Meters 
  • It has an added weight 
  • Consistent crashing of the app. 

Final Thought

This device is a modern and impressive fish finder that will assist an angler in getting spots accurately, reliably, and immediately. 

The dual-scan will guarantee exciting fishing in any weather. Isn’t this so appealing and should make anyone wants to invest in purchasing? The rechargeable battery is also an advantage that gives users the courage of continuous usage even for hours on the water. 

Humminbird 410160-1 PIRANHAMAX 4.3 DI

Let’s start with the beauty that could be found in the screen size. For example, the fish finder has a 4.3-inch screen which gives a similar display as Lowrance mentioned earlier. It comes with a Led Backlit screen, which its primary intent is to let users read the show usually even when there is a direct sunlight or even when undergoing night fishing. Humminbird is also designed with a tilt swivel mount and other options that adds to the credibility. 

Several features do not come with this device, though. For example, it does not come designed with a GPS or any other navigation functions. Instead, the focus is based on presenting a high-quality 2D and down imaging sonar. 

Astoundingly, this device’s 2D sonar is capable of reaching an incredible depth of close to 600ft, while the down imaging is capable of reaching a level of nearly 320 ft. The dual beam sonar, however, is capable of utilizing two different frequencies that can be altered depending on the depth that an angler is searching for. 

Although, many might hurried to think, how on earth can these be amazing when it doesn’t come with a GPS. This device has a 2.5-inch catch separation. And that’s a big boost. Because many modern anglers need tools that will help them identify larger fish and those who are groups of schools that are swimming around. 


  • Brilliant Color display 
  • Ease of Use 
  • Alert System for different types of fishes 
  • Easy to use Display 
  • IPX7 Waterproof 
  • Exposure 


  • No GPS 
  • Only Holds Current Data 
  • Only uses one Sonar Frequency at a time 

Final Thought 

This device is just so simple to use and understand. It comes with features that both newbie and experts will be able to know how it works on minutes of usage. As mentioned, the dual-beam sonar provided is only limited to a single frequency at a time. 

The omission of CHIRP technology shouldn’t be a turn off, because it comes with a replacement of that. It comes with a 2.5-inch catch separator, thus making it easier to differentiate between larger and smaller catches. 

Venterior VT-FF001

This device is primarily designed for beginners. Therefore, if you are a beginner reading this, adding this to your fishing kit wouldn’t be a bad idea. Its form of display is simple for those who are primarily not accustomed to the technical nature of other versions, which has advanced features. 

This device is made to endure a lifetime because it is sturdy and compact. Also, it comes with a simple, though well-designed LCD screen. Even though it’s for beginners, designers designed the product with a UV coating. This serves as a protection from sunlight. 

Venterior is also capable of working in depths from 3ft down to 330ft., but does not offer either GPS or CHIRP. Yet, a substitute for these features helps complete its task. Also, with accurate reading, this fish finder will make it possible for anglers to give a thorough estimate of where they can cast their line. More to it is that it proves its worth. 

The other add-on to this kit will function well under extreme climates like ice fishing as long as the degree you place it is at 0°. However, if you try to go below this, the accuracy will be altered, and the general performance will be hindered. Though, it should also be noted that strong waves and water that is muddy will change the accuracy of the finder. 


  • Ease of Use 
  • Saving Battery Power Setting 
  • Uses AAA batteries 
  • Ultra Violet coating 
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Can be mastered by Beginners 


  • It’s void of a color display 
  • Setting Resets after switching off 
  • Lack of GPS 

Final Thought

Even though it can be regarded as a beginner’s device for finding fish, it doesn’t fail to deliver what every angler needs.  It’s a perfect need for newbie and beginners who desire including this to their fishing kit. It is easy to use and can provide every fisher the right place to cast their line. The moment you are willing to engage in a more intermediate level of fishing, you could, however, decide to migrate to a more advanced feature that comes with a GPS or maybe a device that is designed with dual-beam sonar. 


Having checked the reviewed fish finders that are under $200, what’s your opinion? You’d surely admit that they are fantastic selections at that low price. You’d note that units reviewed are identical both in performance, and the quality they are built with. Only in a few cases where one or two features are the object of separation just like the Garmin Striker 4 narrowly edge the Lowrance Hook2 4x as the best fish finders under $200. The Venterior VT-FF001 is the least priced among the product reviewed.

It impresses us to see that the modernized fish finders have the ability to connect with smartphones, and the app is Wi-Fi connected. Thus, if an angler can make good use of these functions and modes available for this fantastic fish finders, they will undeniably get to enjoy the thrilling benefits that come from the usage.

Now, what’s left for you to do?  You could go back – that is if you’ve not really been able to pick one, then carefully analyze the pros and cons, your budget and the style that you want, the water you often use, the one that is in sight, then you could go ahead and pick one that fits those needs. Doing this will help you maximize your profit in the best way possible. 

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