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Gorman Wildflowers

The wildflower pictures below are the hillsides along Gorman Post Road, Gorman CA, on 3/30/08.  Every year this area comes alive with blossoms around March and April and maybe into early May. 
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  From the I5 Northbound take the Gorman Exit and turn right.  At the stop sign by the Chevron Station and Union 76 make a right.  Drive past the Sizzler.  It is allowable to park on the sides of the road unless otherwise posted.  Continue on Gorman Post Road to Hwy 138 (Lancaster Rd), there will be wildflowers all along the way.  Driving non-stop the 138 is only 5 minutes away.  All property along this route is private and the police will ticket for trespassing.  I believe the fine is $250.00.

These wildflower fields have been under threat of development called the Gorman Post Ranch Project, at least in the past.  No information on the current status.  Read the 2007 Notice of Preparation here: 
More documents about this proposed development can be found here: 
This area has also been a proposed wildflower preserve, read about it here:
http://www.sacvalleycnps.org/In%20The%20News/Gorman.htm and here:  http://www.today.ucla.edu/2006/060124out&about_classtaps.html

Lupine 3-30-08-26.jpg

Wildflowers, Goldfields and California Poppies
Goldfields and California Poppies

Wildflowers, Blue Dick
Blue Dick

Gorman Wildflowers

Wildflowers, Gorman Post Road, 3/30/08
Wildflowers covered hillside on Gorman Post Road, 3/30/08

Wildflowers covered hillside on Gorman Post Road
Wildflower covered hillside on Gorman Post Road, 3/30/08

Wildflowers, Lupine

Wildflowers, Goldfields

Wildflowers, Lupine covered hillside
Lupine covered hillside

Wildflowers, Monkeyflower
Small pond off Gorman Post Road, Monkeyflower in the foreground


Wildflowers, Globe Gilia & Goldfields
Globe Gilia in the foreground, Goldfields in the background

Gorman CA Wildflower

Wildflowers, Lupine, Gorman Post Road

Assorted Wildflowers, Gorman Post Road

Wildflowers, Poppies, Lupine & Goldfields
Hillside covered in Poppies, Lupine & Goldfields

Wildflower, Monkeyflowers
Monkeyflowers in the foreground

Wildflowers, Lupine

Gorman Post Road Wildflowers

Globe Gilia in the foreground, Poppies & Goldfields in the background

California Poppies on Gorman Post Road
California Poppies, Gorman Post Road, 3/30/08

Wildflower Goldfields Gorman Post Road, Gorman CA

wildflowers, lupine, Gorman Post Road, 3/30/08
Lupine, photo taken on Gorman Post Road 3/30/08


The pictures below dated 4/12/08, distant photos of the same wildflower fields the pictures above were taken.  Click any picture for a larger view.











The pictures below, views of the wildflower covered hillsides along Gorman Post Road from the other side of the I5 Freeway off Sewer Line Road and Wheatfield Trail in Hungry Valley SRVA, 4/12/08. 
Directions:  From the I5 Northbound take the Gorman Exit and turn left.  At the stop sign by McDonalds turn left.  The road turns into a dirt road running along the I5.  Wheatfiled Trail is marked with a "Wildflower Viewing Area" sign.  This trail connects with Powerline Road but do not attempt to drive up Powerline from Wheatfield Trail as it gets very narrow toward the ridgetop, hair-pin turns in deep sand and there is not enough room for a vehicle and there will be many motorcyles on the trails.  And there is no place to turn around.  Too dangerous for large vehicles and creates a hazard for the dirt bikers.  Powerline at this point is best for dirt bikes.
Click any picture below for a larger view.

View from Sewerline Road overlooking I5 to Gorman Post Road, just before the Gorman Exit

View of Gorman Post Road hillsides from Sewer Line Road, 4/12/08

View of Gorman Post Road hillsides from Wheatfield Trail in Hungry Valley SRVA, 4/12/08

View of Gorman Post Road hillsides from Wheatfield Trail in Hungry Valley SRVA, 4/12/08


Other areas nearby with good wildflower viewing include Hungry Valley SRVA, Goldhill Road (leaving Hungry valley to Piru Creek) and Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve.
Rattlesnakes are found in these areas, please use caution, also visit our Saftey page.

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