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White Point Nature Preserve

White Point Nature Preserve - WhtPt/4-1-11-181.jpg

At White Point Nature Preserve you will find trails with ocean views, a nature center, California native plant gardens, historic missle site and old battery bunkers. 

For more information click the link below to visit Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy's webpage on White Point Nature Preserve at: 

White Point Nature Preserve is owned by the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, management of the preserve and the habitat restoration is conducted by Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy.

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White Point Nature Preserve map - WhtPt/3-25-11-001.jpg
White Point Nature Preserve map, click to enlarge

This page describes a walk around the Northwest side of the preserve, first passing the historic tree grove and heading up to Paul D. Bunker Battery through a grassland trail and looping back on the paved trail.  The yellow line on the map shows the route. 

Historic tree grove

About to turn on the trail to the right...the paved trail ahead will be the return route

Picking the most challenging looking trail in sight...up the hill straight ahead

White Point Preserve hiking trail - WhtPt/4-1-11-165.jpg
At the top of the hill, taking the trail to the right over to the bunker

Ocean view along the way, below on the left, Nike Missle Site, on the right the nature center

Paul D. Bunker Battery on the hilltop (on the East side of the hill, another is on the West side)

Now traveling down the paved trail, overlooking the Riparian Woodland on the left.

On the paved path heading back to the historic tree grove

Below, photos of Spring wildflowers growing in the California native plant garden next to White Point Nature Center.  To see more photos of native plants found not only in this preserve but many other hiking areas, see the plant photo gallery on our Facebook page at: 


California native plant garden at the nature center, photo dated March 25th 2011.

California native plant garden at White Point Nature Center, 3/25/11

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