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Trestles Beach

Pictures of Trestles Beach, San Mateo Creek & Lagoon at Trestles, San Onofre State Beach on 5/31/08.  Click any picture for a larger view.


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Trestles 5-31-08-087.jpg
Trestles Beach

Trestles surf 5-31-08-119.jpg
Trestles Surf

Trestles 5-31-08-058.jpg
Mouth of San Mateo Creek, the lagoon at Trestles

Trestles Lagoon 5-31-08-082.jpg
Trestles Lagoon. Parts of San Mateo Creek are dry or seasonal, but there is always water here.

Trestles 5-31-08-060.jpg

Trestles 5-31-08-056.jpg
Trestles Beach view looking toward Camp Pendleton.

Nothing but open space, hills and beach. Where else can you find this in S. California?

Trestles 5-31-08-083.jpg
Another view of San Mateo Creek Lagoon at Trestles

Trestles 5-31-08-065.jpg
Trestles surfing...click picture to enlarge.

Trestles 5-31-08-126.jpg
The opposite end of this creek and lagoon begins in the Santa Ana Mountains.

Trestles 5-31-08-059.jpg
About every 3 years the creek/lagoon breaks thru the sand and flows into the ocean.

The sediment flow from the creek forms the world class surf breaks at Trestles Beach.

Trestles 5-31-08-081.jpg
San Mateo Creek & Lagoon at Trestles Beach.

Trestles San Mateo Creek and Lagoon 5-31-08-080.jpg
San Mateo Creek & Lagoon, this runs thru San Mateo Natural Preserve.

Looking South from Uppers.

Surfers enjoying the Trestles waves.

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