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Sturtevant Falls

Angeles National Forest, Sturtevant Falls

www.caopenspace.org Sturtevant/sturtevant11-8-09-090.jpg
Sturtevant Falls 11/8/09

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Be safe and enjoy!  Please visit the Safety Tips page.

Check with the Forest Service for current trail conditions and parking fee info at (626) 574-5200.

Sturtevant Falls is located in Big Santa Anita Canyon near Arcadia.  This hike starts at Chantry Flats and descends into the canyon via a very steep paved road.  At the bottom the trail turns to a dirt path following the creek, with some very nice scenery.  You will almost forget the .6 mile steep uphill hike back to the parking lot!  The creek and the waterfall is always flowing.  It is about 1.8 miles to the waterfall...and 1.8 miles back the same way you came. 

Along the way you will see a number of signs marking other trails, including another waterfall.  The trail to Sturtevant Falls is wider compared to others in the area and very well traveled.  You will see signs warning of bears.  Should you encounter a bear the same rules as mountain lion encounters apply, see the Safety Page for more info.  Poison Oak is also found in the area.  And rattlesnakes. 

Parking passes are usually available at the Pack Station (Shop/Grille) near the parking lot/picnic area.  The Pack Station also has snacks, drinks and some good hamburgers. 

From the 210 Freeway take the Santa Anita Ave exit and drive north (towards mountains) to Chantry Flat.  This road becomes Santa Anita Canyon Rd.  Turn right on Chantry Flats Rd.

Note, this is a very popular hike and sometimes finding parking is difficult, best to get there early and carpool whenever possible

A National Forest Adventure Pass is required to park.  This can usually be purchased at Big 5 stores or at the ranger station.  Day passes are $5.00.  1 year passes valid for Angeles, Los Padres and Cleveland National Forests can be purchased for $30.00.  Day passes can usually be purchased from the Pack Station at the Sturtevant Parking Lot.

To find a local retail store near you selling day passes
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For information to purchase annual passes
click here.

Click here to watch a video of the waterfall on 2-18-08 (this will take a few moments to load).

www.caopenspace.org Sturtevant/sturtevant11-8-09-094.jpg
Side view of Sturtevant Falls, 11-8-09

Sturtevant Falls, 2-18-08
Sturtevant Falls, 2-18-08

The next four rows of pics all taken on November 8, 2009, the order is from beginning of the hike to the end.  Not much rain yet this year, creek still has water but many areas are slow flowing.  Mosquitoes were pretty bad on this day...or worse than usual. Make sure to bring repellent!  

www.caopenspace.org Sturtevant/sturtevant11-8-09-012.jpg
The Pack Station -- parking passes, snacks, drinks & lunch!

Not far from trail head the first sign marking the way to Hermit Falls or continuing to Sturtevant.

www.caopenspace.org Sturtevant/sturtevant11-8-09-028.jpg
At the bottom of the paved road, bridge crossing the creek near First Water Trail

www.caopenspace.org Sturtevant/sturtevant-first-water-trail-11-8-09-031.jpg
Lower Winter CreekTrail to First Water, near trail to Sturtevant

If you are feeling adventurous you have a lot of trail choices from this point...

www.caopenspace.org Sturtevant/sturtevant11-8-09-035.jpg
Lower Winter Creek Trail is center of the pic leading up the mountain

www.caopenspace.org Sturtevant/sturtevant11-8-09-040.jpg
Continuing on the trail to Sturtevant Falls...

www.caopenspace.org Sturtevant/sturtevant11-8-09-060.jpg
Creek running alongside the trail to Sturtevant

www.caopenspace.org Sturtevant/sturtevant11-8-09-069.jpg
On the left side of the trail, one of the many historic cabins you will see along the way

www.caopenspace.org Sturtevant/sturtevant11-8-09-075.jpg
Ok, I've never thought of it this way...

www.caopenspace.org Sturtevant/sturtevant11-8-09-078.jpg
More trails branching off Sturtevant Trail, Lower Trail takes you to the top of Sturtevant Falls

www.caopenspace.org Sturtevant/sturtevant11-8-09-079.jpg
1-1/2 miles into the hike, 1/2 mile to go (Chantry Flat is where the hike starts)

www.caopenspace.org Sturtevant/sturtevant11-8-09-081.jpg
Fidlers Crossing, to Sturtevant Falls...

www.caopenspace.org Sturtevant/sturtevant11-8-09-082.jpg
Continuing to Sturtevant Falls

www.caopenspace.org Sturtevant/sturtevant11-8-09-083.jpg
Near the last leg of the hike, a little rock scrambling crossing this creek right at the end.

www.caopenspace.org Sturtevant/sturtevant11-8-09-123.jpg
Going back on the trail same way we came, not too steep but wait until you get to the paved road!

All photos below are dated 2/18/08 after a wet winter.  Notice more water in the creek compared to the November 2009 photos.  Click pics to enlarge.

Gabrielino Trail to Sturtevant Falls, 2-18-08
















Gabrielino Trail to Sturtevant Falls, 2-18-08


Wildflowers, Gabrielino Tr, Sturtevant Falls, 2/18