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San Onofre State Beach

More than just a beach, San Onofre offers a variety of outdoor recreational activities.  Scenic hiking and mountain biking trails are found in the back country.  Bicycle along the coast on old abandoned Hwy 101.  A nature trail, a natural preserve including a lagoon and several campgrounds are located within the park.  This is home to a number of birds and other wildlife including eleven endangered species. 

Warning: Rattlesnakes are found in this area, use caution. See tips & rattlesnake photo on our Safety Page.

San Onofre State Beach
San Onofre Bluffs Campground

San Onofre State Beach
San Onofre SB.jpg

San Onofre State Beach
San Mateo Campground.jpg
San Mateo Creek Campground

Panhe Trail
San Mateo Campground Trail.jpg
Trail to Trestles Beach

Spring Wildflowers
San Mateo Creek Natural Preserve

San Mateo Creek, San Onofre State Beach
Trail from San Mateo Campground to Trestles Beach

San Onofre Trails
SanO Pocket Mouse Hill.jpg
View from Pocket Mouse Hill Trail, looking toward San Mateo Campground

San Onofre State Beach

San Mateo Creek Natural Preserve
San Mateo Creek Lagoon.jpg
San Mateo Creek Lagoon, Trestles Beach

Trestles 5-31-08-067.jpg
Trestles Beach

San Onofre Wildlife
List of the 11 endangered species found in this area, links to other sites
with photos and facts
 for all 11 species.

San O Rattlesnake -- Tread Lightly!
San Onofre Rattlesnake.jpg
Photo taken in San Mateo Campground weekend of June 24th. Photo by Phil Culshaw.

Trestles Beach, 8-19-08
Trestles Beach 8-19-08 197.jpg
Our camping/surfing trip at San Onofre State Beach