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Arthur B. Ripley Desert Woodland Park

On the nature trail, 4/15/11

Located 7 miles west of Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve, it’s easy to miss this small preserve.  The 560 acre Arthur B. Ripley Desert Woodland Park was willed to State Parks in 1988 by local farmer Arthur Ripley to preserve one of the few Joshua Tree and Juniper woodlands left in Antelope Valley.  The park has no running water, one picnic table, a pit toilet and a 1/2 mile nature trail looping through the desert woodlands and with plenty of interpretive signs.

A variety of wildlife is found in the park including coyotes, quail, roadrunners, rabbits, squirrels, lizards, rattlesnakes and other non-venomous snakes, use caution of course.

Wildflowers and numerous other spring blooming native desert plants are also found in the park.  Arthur B. Ripley Desert Woodland Park is the subject of naturalist Martin Hale’s “Wild Gardens” documentary series, episode 15 (the series occasionally airs on some local TV stations).

Dogs are allowed (on leash).  Park along Lancaster Road and enter through the pedestrian walk-through adjacent to the locked gate.  Admission is free.  See the State Parks official page links below for current information and directions.  All pictures on this page are dated April 15th, 2011.  Click any picture to enlarge.

The park entrance

Sages and yuccas

Arthur B. Ripley Desert Woodland Park Trail /4-15-11-143c.jpg
Path to the desert woodland, just beyond the entrance gate

Wildflowers among the Joshua Trees at Arthur B. Ripley Desert Woodland Park /4-15-11-186c.jpg
On the nature trail

Linear-leafed Goldenbush at Arthur B. Ripley Desert Woodland Park /4-15-11-170c.jpg
Linear-leafed Goldenbush

Chia blooming at Arthur B. Ripley Desert Woodland Park 4-15-11-189c.jpg


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