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Point Mugu State Park


La Jolla Canyon Trail and Waterfall


Point Magu State Park could be thought of as having three sections or areas:  Sycamore Canyon, Boney Mountain Wilderness and La Jolla Canyon. 


This page shows only a small sample of the trails Point Magu State Park has to offer and only one of the many trails in La Jolla Canyon.  The La Jolla Canyon Trail connects to the La Jolla Valley Loop Trail above the falls, a beautiful grassland (not shown).  This page describes our hike just above the falls and back.  We hiked out the same way we came in. 


The pictures are dated 2/28/10, recent rains had occurred so the falls and the creek were flowing nicely on that date.  During the dryer season it’s usually reduced to a trickle. 


La Jolla Canyon trails connect with the Sycamore Canyon trails, which are said to be a great spot to view the migration of the Monarch Butterflies every fall. 

According to the sign at the trail head, it’s only .8 miles to the falls although it felt longer.  Access La Jolla Canyon Trail at Ray Miller Trailhead on the inland side from Thornhill Broom State Beach.  There is a fee to park in the lot but some free parking is available along Pacific Coast Highway. 

Ventura County Trails website has excellent trail descriptions and detailed trail maps: 


For information on parking fees and camping see the official California State Parks page at:  http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=630

Another good trail map/location map is on the LA Mountains website at:

Trail head marker, click to enlarge

Click any picture on this page to enlarge.

One of several places the trail crosses the creek.

A few wildflowers starting to bloom, shown here Indian Paintbrush (2/28/10)

Tough soled hiking boots recommended, the trail is very rocky most of the way as shown here.

View of the canyon below from the trail.

Another view of the rocky trail.

Giant Coreopsis (yellow flowering bushes) dot the hillsides and creek sides, 2/28/10

The creek just below the falls.

The waterfall, 2/28/10 (it rained a lot the prior week).

To the right of the falls, the trail continues, a series of "stone steps"

The trail then continues along a ledge leading to the top of the falls

The trail past the top of the falls leading to La Jolla Valley Loop Trail, higher up more greenery.

The trail passes right next to the top of the waterfall.

Looking over the top of the waterfall.

Another creek crossing.


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