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Powder Canyon, La Habra Heights

Powder Canyon Trail

Powder Canyon entrance on Fullerton Rd (click to enlarge)

Powder Canyon Trail Map (click to enlarge)

Powder Canyon is part of the Puente Hills Preserve owned and managed by the Puente Hills Landfill Native Habitat Preservation Authority, located in the hills above Schabarum Regional Park.  You will find a little over 3.5 miles of trails through groves of Black Walnut and Oaks, coastal sage scrub and chaparral.  The main parking lot is located off Fullerton Road between Harbor Blvd and East Road.  Parking is also available in Schabarum Regional Park, the connecting Powder Canyon trails from Schabarum are near the horse stables. 

We started from the Fullerton Road trail head, taking Nogales Trail to Black Walnut Trail making a right onto Powder Canyon Trail continuing to Schabarum Park and then back to the Fullerton Road parking lot via Powder Canyon Trail.  Somehow we ended up on a service road to the water tower which meets up with Schabarum Trail Extension, from here are the best views of the valley and San Gabriel Mountains--after taking in the view we returned back to Black Walnut Trail.  We took several short side routes by mistake, which were just service roads to water towers or power lines are along the way, but the scenery is nice just the same--if there is no trail name marker it's a service road.

Below a few pics from our route (click any pic to enlarge).  Mountain Lions and Rattlesnakes are on the wildlife list for the Puente Hills Preserve use the usual caution as in any natural area (also see the "Safety Page").

Near the main parking lot, among the foliage is California Fuchsia, Mulefat and native trees.

Black Walnut Trail

Black Walnut Trail

Black Walnut Trail

Black Walnut Trail

I believe this was actually the water tower service road off Black Walnut Trail

This was on a service road to electrical towers, near Power Canyon Trail & Purple Sage Trail

Also on the service road to electrical towers, near Power Canyon Trail & Purple Sage Trail

On Powder Canyon Trail, approaching Schabarum Regional Park below

A few January wildflowers & flowering plants at Powder Canyon:

California Fuchsia, 1/27/12

Purple Lupine, 1/27/12


We noticed many people were walking their dogs at Powder Canyon and a horse corral is by the main entrance parking (bring your own horse).  Facilities by the parking lot also include benches, portable restrooms, and a drinking water fountain.  Trail maps can be picked up at the interpretive sign kiosk next to the corral. 


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