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Ormond Wetlands & Beach, Oxnard CA

ormond wetlands beach california /2-25-12-090.jpg
Ormond Wetlands & Beach

Ormond stretches for 2 miles along the shore between Point Mugu Naval Air Station and Port Hueneme.  Adjoining the beach is Ormond Wetlands, for which a restoration effort is underway.  Once completed together with Point Mugu wetlands this would be the largest coastal wetlands in Southern California stretching for about 9 miles. 

Ormond is one of the few beaches left in Southern California with an intact dune-transition zone–marsh system.  Six threatened or endangered species and six species of concern are found at Ormond.  Over 200 migratory bird species have been documented and more shorebirds use Ormond wetlands and shoreline than any other in Ventura County.  (Note: click any pic to enlarge)

beach dunes /10-9-11-175.jpg
Beach Dunes

ormond wetlands /10-9-11-188.jpg
Coastal Scrub, vernal pools & salt pans, dunes/beach in the distance


ormond wetlands /2-25-12-060.jpg
Ormond Wetlands (Nature Conservancy Property)

Tips:  this beach is very remote, do visit with a friend or two for safety.  The pictures on this page were taken on the Nature Conservancy property (access by guided tours only) and on the end of the beach and wetlands bordering Point Mugu (public access via Arnold Road, limited parking along the street). 

Visitor info, map & directions:

More information about Ormond Wetlands project:

Information and great photos by Oxnard Coastal Wetlands:

Photo gallery on Facebook, taken on a Nature Conservancy property tour:

Abronia (a type of sand verbena)

ormond wetlands /2-25-12-098.jpg
Ormond Wetlands at the Beach

ormond wetlands bulrush plant /2-25-12-057.jpg

ormond wetlands nature conservancy property /2-25-12-048.jpg
Ormond Wetlands, Nature Conservancy Property

ormond /2-25-12-082.jpg
Flowering Dune Plant, Beach Primrose

ormond wetland plants /2-25-12-046.jpg
Wetland plants, Salt Grass & Pickleweed

5 pics below taken on the trail thru the wetlands starting near the parking on Arnold Road.  The trail runs in an up coast direction passing agriculture, wetlands, salt pans, ending at the beach and dunes. 

ormond wetland trail /10-9-11-160.jpg
Ormond Wetland Trail

ormond /10-9-11-162.jpg
Salt Pan & Vernal Pool

ormond wetlands trail /10-9-11-166.jpg
Trail, (between algriculture canal and wetlands)

ormond /10-9-11-171.jpg

ormond /10-9-11-165.jpg
Pickleweed (red) and I believe Goldenbush (yellow)

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ormond wetlands /10-9-11-207.jpg
Ormond Wetlands