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O'Neill Regional Park

O'Neill Park mesa sunset 11-4-12-102c.jpg
Sunset seen from the Mesa Day Use area, 11/4/12

O’Neill Regional Park is located at Trabuco Canyon on Live Oak Canyon Rd & Trabuco Canyon Road.  The park features 23 miles of trails including multi-use trails for hikers, bicycles and equestrians.  Campgrounds include 78 campsites, 4 group camps, 4 equestrian campsites and 4 day use areas.  Near the park entrance is a nature center, tot trail and playground.  And dogs are ok--see the official park brochure for more info.

O'Neill Regional Park campsite #75 11-4-12-016c.jpg
Campsite #75, 11/4/12

O'Neill Regional Park campsite #67 11-4-12-032c.jpg
Campsite #67, 11/4/12

Campgrounds are well maintained, with some shady spots and some in the open.  See more campsite photos at CampsitePhotos.com, also mouse over the campsite numbers on the reservations link, and some campsite pics dated Oct/Nov 2012 are also found on caopenspace.org Facebook photo gallery. 

O'Neill Oak Grove day use area - 11-4-12-049b-c.jpg
Oak Grove day use area, 11/4/12

O'Neill Park Eagle Grove day use area - 11-4-12-043b.jpg
Eagle Grove day use area, 11/4/12

O'Neill Park Mesa day use area - 11-4-12-071b-c.jpg
Mesa day use area, 11/4/12

O'Neill park mesa trail  11-4-12-077c.jpg
Trail from the Mesa Day use area, decending toward Featherly Day Use area, 11/4/12

O'Neill Regional Park Trabuco Creek 11-4-12-006c.jpg
Trabuco Creek, 11/4/12

O'Neill Park playground 11-4-12-040c.jpg
Playground (next to the nature center), 11/4/12


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