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Snow in the Santa Ana Mountains

12/19/08 snow covers the Santa Ana Mountain range in Cleveland National Forest, Orange County CA.  Earlier that week a storm dropped at least 6" to 1' of snow.  Hike up Maple Springs Road at the end of Silverado Canyon,  Holy Jim or above Holy Jim on Main Divide trail and you would have been hiking in the snow.  Read a news article and see more pics on the ocregister website, click here

1/23/2010 after heavy rain storms for a week once again snow is on Santiago and Modeskja Peaks, although the snow level is not as low as in Dec '08.  A live webcam can be found at:  http://www.airsites2000.com/santiago_peak.htm

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Black Star Canyon

Black Star Canyon

Black Star Canyon


Santiago Canyon Road near Limestone Canyon

Black Star Canyon

View of Modjeska Peak from Trubuco Creek Road. Holy Jim Canyon is on the right side of this peak.


Black Star Canyon

View from Santiago Canyon Road near Limestone Canyon

Black Star Canyon