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Hungry Valley SRVA, Stipia Trail & Powerline Road

Hungry Valley SRVA, Stipia Trail
Hungry Valley Wildflowers, Baby Blues Eye on Stipia Trail.jpg
Baby Blue Eyes, 4-13-08

On this page, pictures taken on 4-13-08, during the ranger led wildflower tour through the native grasslands area of Hungry Valley SRVA.  These tours begin at the Visitors Center at the Hungry Valley entrance on Peace Valley Road and run spring of every year during peak blooming season.

Hungry Valley SRVA is more than just an off highway vehicle park.  Native grasslands near the Peace Valley Road entrance often have many spring wildflowers.  Wildflowers can be found throughout the park in areas easily accessible by passenger car. 

Blooming season in this area is usually from mid to late March thru mid May, depending on the amount of winter rain and snow. Spring '08 had some wildflowers, but not as many as 2005 & 2006.  At the top of this page, the page heading background picture showing hills covered in purple wildflowers was taken in April 2006 off Powerline Road. 

The wildflower tour begins on Stipia Trail at the back of the parking lot near the main entrance and continues up Powerline Road.  These are well maintained dirt trails up a hill.  A 2 wheel drive vehicle can travel this section of these trails easily. 

Powerline Road has fantastic views of the valley.  I usually take the "loop" from Stipia Trail to Powerline Road and back to the paved road (Goldhill Road).  Very early in the morning or late in the evening I've also seen deer, coyotes, rattlesnakes, and a mountain lion. 

Hungry Valley SRVA, Powerline Road
Hungry Valley SRVA Powerline Road view.jpg
View from Powerline Road, 4-13-08

Powerline Rd wildflowers Hungry Valley SRVA.jpg
Powerline Road

Wildflowers on Stipia Trail, 4-13-08.jpg
Wildflowers on Stipia Trail, 4-13-08

Powerline Road wildflower, Lupine, Hungry Valley SRVA.jpg
Lupines off Powerline Road, 4-13-08

Lupines surrounded by Baby Blue Eyes, off Powerline Road 4-13-08

Baby Blue Eyes on Stipia Trail.jpg
Baby Blue Eyes cover the hillsides along Stipia Trail, 4-13-08

wildflowers off Powerline Road Hungry Valley SRVA.jpg
Poppies and a mix of other wildflowers off Powerline Road, 4-13-08