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Gaviota Coast

In Santa Barbara County between Goleta and Point Conception.  In addition to three beautiful State Parks on the Gaviota Coast you will find about 76 miles of undeveloped scenic coastline.

Rest stop off Hwy 101, Gaviota Pass

Driving up Hwy 101 North of UC Santa Barbara

Vista Point scenic turnout off Hwy 101

Wild Mallards in a small stream crossing Refugio Rd near farmlands and Refugio State Beach

I can see why many people want to keep this area exactly how it is.  Around the State Parks the land is privately owned ranches and farms that have been here for a very long time.  This area shows how the lower section of the California coast looks naturally.  It is said a unique biological diversity found nowhere else exists here as this area is where coastal central and Southern California meet.  A number of organizations and citizens are fighting to preserve it, you can find out more at the links below:

Gaviota Coast Conservancy:
    Ecosystem:  http://www.gaviotacoastconservancy.org/GCC08-Ecosystem.html
    photo tour:  http://www.gaviotacoastconservancy.org/GCC08-phototour.html

Save Naples Reef: http://www.savenaples.org/

Although Gaviota Coast contains "nationally significant natural and cultural resources" apparently the National Park Service is leaving preservation to the citizens and various organizations:  http://www.nps.gov/pwro/gaviota/transmittal-Pombo.pdf
and here is the Gaviota Conservancy write up on the National Park situation:

Surfrider Foundation's online petition to preserve this coastline, just some signatures could help:  http://action.surfrider.org/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=1629

This cause certainly has my support.  Save Gaviota! 

The three California State Parks (Gaviota, Refugio, El Capitan) located on the Gaviota Coast are pictured below, click the pictures to navigate to pages on caopenspace about each park. 

Gaviota State Park

El Capitan