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Crystal Cove State Park, Reef Point

Crystal Cove State Park 9-1-08-021.jpg
Crystal Cove State Park Bluff View at Reef Point

Crystal Cove State Park is located in Orange County, City of Laguna Beach.  This park has 3.5 miles of beaches, bluffs, rocky reefs, tidepools, coves and  undeveloped coastal land.  This page pictures the Southern end of the beach at the Reef Point Entrance.

Crystal Cove State Park also includes a historic district, another entrance at Pelican Point on the North end of the beach and a wilderness area on the opposite side of Pacific Coast Highway.  The park has miles of hiking trails both along the beach bluffs and through the hills, all with great coastal views. 

The wilderness area or El Morro Canyon, part of the Irvine Ranch National Natural Landmark, is designated as the "State Park Backcountry Area" on some park maps. 

Crystal Cove State Beach 9-1-08-035.jpg
Looking up the coast toward the historic district and Treasure Cove from Reef Point

Crystal Cove Beach 9-1-08-036.jpg
Another ocean bluff view from the trail running along the bluffs

Crystal Cove State Park 9-1-08-050.jpg
Trail view, looking inland from Reef Point


Crystal Cove State Beach 9-1-08-046.jpg
The water is very nice, click picture to enlarge.

Crystal Cove beach 9-1-08-053.jpg
Coastal bluff trail view, the yellow flowers are California Buckwheat

Crystal Cove 9-1-08-051.jpg
Another view of the bluff side trails.




A printable trail map of the backcountry area or El Morro Canyon can be found on
the Crystal Cove Interpretive Association website at the link below:


About the historic beach cottages (history):

Primative hike in only campgrounds in Deer Creek and Upper & Lower Morro canyons:

Crystal Cove Interpretive Association Website
Everything about the park including special events, camping, all recreational activities and nice photos!

California State Parks website, Crystal Cove State Park page:

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