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About caopenspace.org:

This site is intended as information on some of the many beautiful areas we have in California for hiking and other outdoor recreation.  The pictures on my site are my own (with the exception of the rattlesnake picture submitted by a site reader and used with his permission to help educate others on rattlesnake identification--thanks Phil)! 

Please do not reproduce or use pictures unless you first contact me--Thanks!  You are welcomed to link to my site caopenspace.org but please let me know as I would like to see your site too! 

Special note:
  The links on my pages out to other websites are not duplicated content on my site and all materials on those sites belong to someone else and is often copyrighted material, not to be duplicated.

About me:

This site is my own project and is not a part of any other group.  My pages express my own points of view, experiences and photos for you to enjoy...and to possibly help you plan some of your own outings.  CAOpenspace is not an organization...think of it as just an organization of information.

I hike and I surf, great excercise--I love the beach, foothills, mountains and everything in it.  Over the years I've seen many beautiful places lost or ruined by development, roadways, fires and pollution.  Since I've been out there many times over the years and although I am not a scientist, I do notice the impact of climate change and global warming. 

It all ties in together, preservation of our state from the inland areas to the ocean, including everything from protection of native habitats (from development and other threats) to ocean preservation. 

About our impact on the ocean, think of it this way...take a salt water aquarium which balance of the water is very critical...or your expensive salt water fish, living rocks and other creatures you may have in there will soon die.  Now throw a few plastics in your tank, put a little sun block on your hands and swish it around in your tank a few times, throw some other garbage in there and go get a little road water runoff from your gutter and pour it in there too and see how long your salt water tank lives.  I bet you wouldn't want to do this right?  So what could these things be doing to our natural environments and oceans?  So why not protect them?  And if these things can destroy or harm ecosystems then what is it doing to people?

I am amazed at how many of my favorite places are threatened in some way, some so unique if lost we have no place like it left.  I'm hoping we can save them so I also included a "
Take Action" page to help direct you to a few of the many preservation campaigns out there which are all efforts of other organizations and I personally participate in them all even if it is just to sign an "email petition".  I hope you find the pictures and information on my site useful. 

If you decide to visit any of these places, please also remember to visit the Safety Page and have a safe outing!

Thank you for visiting