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Plants of Bolsa Chica Wetlands, Page 2

Pictures of California Native Plants found at Bolsa Chica Wetlands.
Click any picture for an enlarged view.
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White Sage
California Buckwheat 5-24-08_47.jpg
California Buckwheat (the green plant)
Cleveland Sage 5-24-08_57.jpg
Cleveland Sage, 5-24-08
Bolsa Chica Plants 5-24-08_35.jpg
Bolsa Chica Plants 5-24-08_31.jpg
Bolsa Chica Plants 5-24-08_30.jpg
Black Sage 5-24-08_49.jpg
bolsa chica plants 5-17-08-072.jpg
California Sagebrush 5-24-08_45.jpg
California Sagebrush, 5-24-08
This is an iceplant, not native to California but commonly found in SoCal wetlands
California Buckwheat 5-24-08_37.jpg
California Buckwheat, 5-24-08
Coastal Quailbush 5-24-08_41.jpg
Coastal Quailbush, 5-24-08
Bolsa Chica Plants 5-24-08_46.jpg
Coastal Prickly Pear in a bed of Black Sage 5-24-08_51.jpg
Coastal Prickly Pear in a bed of Black Sage, 5-24-08
Bladderpod 5-24-08_28.jpg
Bladderpod, 5-24-08
Bolsa Chica Plants 5-24-08_36.jpg
Bolsa Chica Plants 5-24-08_39.jpg
California Buckwheat 5-24-08_48.jpg
California Buckwheat, 5-24-08
California Sagebrush 5-24-08_44.jpg
California Sagebrush, 5-24-08
Coastal Prickly Pear 5-24-08_50.jpg
Coastal Prickly Pear, 5-24-08